Monday, July 16, 2012

Usher's Stepson Still Brain Dead After Tragic Jet Ski Mishap

Kyle Glover, Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster Glover Raymond (Photo Credit: ABC)

Usher Raymond's stepson, Kyle Glover, 11, remains brain dead at an Atlanta hospital, after a jet ski accident, police are investigating. His mother, Tameka Foster Raymond, who is the singer's ex-wife, is struggling with the choices she has been presented with - leave her son on life support or pull the plug, due to no brain activity.

Some on social networking sites and in blog feedback sections have been blaming Foster for the accident, stating she was out of town and left her underage son from another marriage, unattended as he was not bringing in big child support checks like the two children she has with millionaire singer Usher (Usher V and Navyid).