Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Evidence Surfaces In The Trayvon Martin Case (Video)

Martin's Last Moments Alive Captured On Video

New evidence has surfaced in the Trayvon Martin murder case. Prosecutors trying self-appointed, gun toting neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman, in the unprovoked killing of the minor, released the last known video of 17-year-old Martin minutes before he was unjustly gunned down. The teen was shopping in the convenience store 7-11 for some snacks, to take back to his dad's home in the Sanford, Florida community known as The Retreat. 


Trayvon Martin 

In the interest of fairness, upon deeper forensic study, coroners now claim Martin's hands showed signs of bruising, contrary to previous claims by the funeral director. However, this indicates self-defense wounds, after being stalked, approached and attacked by "creepy" and "crazy" Zimmerman, who violated neighborhood watch rules by carrying a gun. He also disobeyed the instructions of the 911 emergency service, via stalking, then confronting Martin, who had every right to be in the neighborhood. 

George Zimmerman 

Had Zimmerman listened to the authorities, who wisely told him to back off, due to their vast expertise over the years in such situations, realizing that not all people are criminals and robbers waiting to strike, none of this would have happened. Zimmerman is culpable in Martin's death. Remove his illegal behavior from the equation and Martin would still be alive today. He must face the legal consequences of his actions, as people can't just go gunning down folks on the street they deem suspicious. It is unconstitutional and criminal.