Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rupert Murdoch Lying His Puckered Butt Off In Parliament Again


Rupert Murdoch

[Article background: this is another in the series of phone hacking articles the Judiciary Report has published, regarding a scandal I broke first in October 2005, via a police complaint I filed with the Metropolitan Police in London, England. 30 people have been arrested by the Metropolitan Police since the time I filed the complaint. However, the Murdochs and other key conspirators remain free and the FBI has not arrested anyone, though the crimes began and continue in News Corp's New York headquarters].
Media maggot, Rupert Murdoch, testified to the British Parliament this week, about the phone hacking scandal his company News International/News Corp is mired in. A bitter and feeble looking Murdoch, who has lost pounds in what can be dubbed worry weight, has become angry that the establishment he once bullied, threatened and manipulated, has turned on him over a scandal that has appalled the world.

Being the bitter Betty he is, Murdoch has been throwing people under the bus, left, right and center, trying to take down as many folks with him as possible. He needs to be a man for a change and face the consequences of his criminal actions. He needs to quit lying, as Murdoch and his twisted little family concocted this criminal invasion of privacy scheme that has victimized the public. He needs to own up to it.

Note to Murdoch: Mark my words, if I don't get you with this scandal, I shall get you with the next one, which is far worse in nature, regarding the scope of your criminal activity. You and your associates are going to learn a horrible lesson about the ills of criminally hacking my phones, emails and computers, plus infringing my copyrights, for undue enrichment and interfering in my personal life. I will not break the law, but I will break your company, much like you tried to do to mine.

Another thing, what's this rumor I hear about your wife, Wendi and a member of your staff. The Viagra not working for you anymore? *smirks and blows the kiss of an enemy at Murdoch.*