Friday, April 27, 2012

Killer George Zimmerman Shuts Down His Ill-Advised Web Site After Collecting $200,000 Off The Murder Of Teen Trayvon Martin

 UPDATE 2-27-12: ABC News is reporting Zimmerman raised $200,000 from his website, not $3,000 as previously reported. He is disgracefully profiting from the murder of an underage minor.

George Zimmerman   

28-year-old killer, George Zimmerman, has shutdown his questionable website the Judiciary Report slammed, as profiting from the murder of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman stalked and murdered the defenseless teen, racially profiling him as "suspicious."

Zimmerman's site was offensive in its content and soliciting donations for himself and his family. According to his attorney, Zimmerman collected $3,000 from the effort. His attorney stated these funds did not go to his legal defense. His lawyers have been trying to paint a more sympathetic picture of Zimmerman, stating his murderous deeds came from the fact there had been many break-ins by blacks in his neighborhood, known as "The Retreat" in Sanford, Florida.

Well, Zimmerman should have done exactly what the name of his neighborhood says and "retreat" then wait for police, rather than wrongly assuming every black male is a thief and thug. Zimmerman's assumptions and open violation of neighborhood watch rules, squarely led to the death of Trayvon Martin, an innocent teenage kid on his way to his dad's home. Martin didn't deserve what happened to him. It's time to accept responsibility for that, as he has lost his life.

To use the excuse of repeated break-ins is rubbish. My previous home was broken into over a dozen times by Madonna's crazy Kabbalah cult (and as later seen in the phone hacking case), who kept illegally breaking in to steal files, copyrighted DVD-ROM and CD-ROM discs that contained OFFLINE copies of Library of Congress registered songs, videos, movie scripts and other intellectual property I authored, that were later criminally used by Madonna and her associates without permission. They did this to get around the fact I'd stopped authoring new copyrights on my computers that went online, choosing to use an offline unit and burn the files to DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMs.


Trayvon Martin   

When that happened, you didn't see me irrationally staring out the window every five minutes, paranoid and patrolling the streets with a gun, killing people not on my property. I reported incidents to the police and by God's grace sought and continue to seek, legal avenues to pursue justice, via court and publicly called boycotts of the offenders and their infringing products (ironically the police told me the FBI told them to stand down, as it is a federal matter, while the corrupt law agency took a bribe for the thefts to continue).

In life, you choose your response to crisis, whether you will follow the law or break it in seeking revenge against any and everybody you think may be guilty. You can't take the law into your own hands. At the end of the day, God always has the final say and brings justice on terms the courts never could, when they fail. 


George Zimmerman's website taken down to avoid 'Web presence' 
5:58 p.m. EST, April 25, 2012 -  George Zimmerman's website, used to solicit money for his legal defense, has been taken down...before his arrest, Zimmerman went into hiding but created a website,, to air his political views and solicit money for his defense.

Supporters hoped he would use it to tell his side of the story, but he did not. Instead, the low-tech site featured an American flag as well as quotes, including one from patriot Thomas Paine, and a PayPal donation link, allowing supporters to make credit-card contributions. O'Mara on Monday toldCNN'sAnderson Cooper that that website and another had generated about $3,000 in donations.