Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The FBI Being Nosy In People's Personal Business

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

There are numerous cases online that contain inexcusable incidents of the FBI getting involved in people's personal lives to the point it crosses into perverse territory. The public also learned the FBI actively interferes in the personal lives of its employees, which is also appalling.

But this is nothing new. The FBI so targeted the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., they would send his wife letters and envelopes in the mail, alleging marital infidelity, in a move so common and crass, one has to wander if the agency has been stocked with complete perverts. This misconduct continues today and it is completely vile.

Bribe taking, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, would not like it if someone sent his wife items in the mail or passed information along to her, while she got her hair done at the salon, outing his vast martial infidelity with two, young, nubile women he had no business having sex with, as it broke his marriage vows. As a general rule, you shouldn't get into innocent people's personal business, if you don't want them getting into yours and broadcasting it to the watching world. You run the risk of offending the wrong person that will publicly slam you for violating the Fourth Amendment. Hey, you've got your sources Robert "Jesse James" Mueller and so do I.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation are a bunch of hypocrites as well, as a long time FBI agent kidnapped his mistress, who stated she was leaving him after they had an affair, with him cheating on his wife of many years. Out of revenge, he held his mistress hostage in her own condominium, dragged her by her hair, tied her up, put his loaded gun in her mouth, then duck taped her mouth, beat her and threw her in a closet for hours. Yet they have the gall to accuse other people of misconduct, getting into the personal lives of others.

Today, everyone from victims of crimes to suspected criminals, who later turned out to be innocent, felt the unjust brunt of the FBI's privacy intrusion into who they date and socialize with and worst of all, trying to turn married couples against each other, who have wrongfully been labeled suspects in crimes they did not commit. How ugly and unbecoming.

The FBI is careless, reckless, negligent and openly violating U.S. law at innocent people's expense. They believe they are a law unto themselves and can do whatever they please, even if it flagrantly breaks the law.

The FBI harassed and terrorized scientist Steven Hatfill, accusing him of terrible crimes he did not commit. They got the accomplished scientist fired from his job, after the man spent years gaining university degrees at great financial expense, told his friends not to speak to him anymore, to psychologically isolate him, engaged local police to constantly give him fraudulent traffic tickets when he left the house, followed him everywhere and harassed him in public. They even tried to destroy his family. He sued and they later admitted he did not commit the crimes they accused him of to the nation and was forced to pay him $16 million dollars in damages. The FBI is an absolute disgrace to America. The FBI is managed by a bunch of crazy people with badges that just don't know when to stop. There are lab rats with more restraint and common sense than the FBI's management.

The FBI then turned its attention to scientist, Bruce Ivins. They harassed the wrongfully accused scientist to death - literally, as he ended up committing suicide, after having a nervous breakdown at the abuse the FBI relentlessly pummeled him with, just as they had done to Hatfill. They are reckless, arrogant, simply do not care and have absolutely no respect for human life. Respected scientists all over the world have since stated Ivins could not have committed the crimes the FBI accused him of, based on the scientific evidence the agency presented and the improbable time line that defies the laws of physics.

In Denver, Colorado, political activists, Food Not Bombs and The Watchdog Group, among others, have stated specific FBI agents have engaged in a massive harassment campaigns against them, in violation of domestic and international law, with illegal acts of harassment against them including, but not limited to, attempted murder.

Charitable groups that aimed to help people the FBI wrongly accused of crimes, reported their workers were subjected to harassment and intimidation by FBI agents, who showed up to said volunteers respective places of employment, attempting to get them fired from their jobs, not related to their charity work. That is something Hitler and the SS would do. That's how far the FBI has fallen.

It's amazing that U.S. law states the accused must receive legal representation and assistance, but out of fear of a fair fight, the FBI acts in illegal ways to diminish the chances of defendants, a number of whom are wrongly accused, of having a fair trial. If you are going to cheat to win, you are just as bad as the criminals.

Another charity group, run by American born citizens, that sought to help children in Iraq, were subjected to harassment by the FBI, with agents digging into their private lives, demanding to know who they date and socialize with, even calling them in for interviews at FBI field offices.

In closing, what business does a law enforcement agency have getting into the amorous, platonic and business relationships of citizens, like nasty voyeurs with nothing better to do, when there are terrorists actively seeking to harm America. What kind of losers do something like that.

Robert S. Mueller is a major apart of the reason U.S. tourism has logged massive, well documented declines over the past few years. With the FBI Director wiretapping, eavesdropping, hacking, harassing, trailing and illegally prying to the lives of many American citizens and residents, conduct for which he is repeatedly slammed in Congress to no avail, many tourists have been terrified of visiting America for fear their privacy will be invaded by the FBI, run by that mad dog the White House has refused to put on a leash.