Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jamaican Gov Turns Dudus' Office Into Police Station

After days of conflict in Tivoli Gardens, Jamaica last week, left 73 people dead, due to an extradition request that was poorly handled by Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, the Jamaican government has turned the office of suspected drug dealer, Christopher "Dudus" Coke into a police station.

The party is over for Christopher Michael Coke

This was quite fitting, as Dudus' gang killed police officers and soldiers during last weeks bid at bringing him in for extradition to the United States on a drug warrant. Police officers and soldiers lost their lives last week, which is no small matter.

Christopher Michael Coke A/K/A Dudus

Though Coke has fled and is currently eluding capture, 500 men were arrested, his BMW seized and 200 mobile phones confiscated, apart of an ongoing investigation.