Monday, May 3, 2010

School Destroyed Evidence In Webcam Spying Case

Blake Robbins

A legal document filed by the Plaintiffs in the Blake Robbins v. Lower Merion School District case revealed, Harriton High, destroyed a portion of the incriminating evidence, testifying to their criminal misconduct.

The evidence in question refers to some of the 56,000 secretly snapped webcam photos, unlawfully taken of 15-year-old, Blake Robbins and fellow students, by the LanRev software, the school illegally installed on the units, without telling anyone.

All students in the district were banned from carrying their own laptop computers to school. They were required to use school issued laptops that had webcams, acting as hidden spycams, which they were not told about in any measure.

The students took the laptops home and their privacy was violated to greater degrees, as the software was programmed to snap photos every 15 minutes, on whatever was in front of the computers, if they were reported lost or stolen.

Many students stated they did not report their laptops lost or stolen, yet the webcams' on light frequently turned on while they were at home and in school, which indicates one is being filmed. They reported these findings to the school, prior to the Robbins case, only to be told it was a computer glitch, which in retrospect, was clearly a lie.

The students were unconstitutionally being spied on by perverted members of the school's staff, such as computer tech, Carol Cafiero, who in an email to another member of the school's faculty, referred to the webcams spying on the kids, as a soap opera she loves.

She is unquestionably a voyeur, who even stated Robbins had "no reasonably expectation to privacy" as his laptop's insurance fee had lapsed.

Therefore, following her sick logic, a $55 lapsed insurance fee, gave Cafiero the illegal, unconstitutional right, to remotely and secretly, turn on a webcam that acted as a hidden camera, spying on a minor in his home, in particular his bedroom, in conduct one would expect from a pedophile.

To Ms. Cafiero and co: you should hope one day your home insurance payment isn't late and a crazy, psychotic insurance company doesn't decide to install hidden cameras in your bedrooms to snap thousands of photos, triggering every fifteen minutes, in a sick bid to see what you are doing inside the property they are financially on the hook for, until the grace period expires on your policy. It would be the equivalent of what you did to underage students in your school district and their families, who were also spied on by default.

The school has admitted there are photos of Robbins "partially undressed" and "sleeping" in his bedroom. However, the school insists the secretly snapped webcam images did not contain any salacious photos, but the Judiciary Report does not believe that. The Plaintiffs claim some of the evidence has been destroyed and the Judiciary Report thinks so as well.

To the readers of this website, think about what you normally do in the privacy of your bedrooms, such as dress and undress, sleep, talk on the phone, while some engage in sexual activity. In light of this, one has to believe, a webcam secretly snapping photos every fifteen minutes, 24 hours a day, for an extended period of time, caught nude photos, which in this case would mean child pornography.

Lock them up for this nastiness against these kids!

School District Accused of Snapping Thousands of Shots of Students at Home

04/19/10 1:50 PM PT'May Be a Voyeur' - Carol Cafiero, a technology
coordinator now on leave from Harriton High School, "may be a voyeur," the
motion suggests. Responding to an email from an IT staffer about how viewing
students from the computer webcams amounted to a sort of "[school district] soap
opera," Cafiero responded, "I know, I love it," according to the recent filing.

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on
Thursday ordered that Cafiero be sanctioned US$2,500 for refusing to answer any
questions in a deposition, citing her Fifth Amendment rights.

Cafiero is also now required to turn over her home computer for