Monday, May 17, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Landed In Cannes

Lindsay Lohan

Breakout the penicillin, sexually promiscuous, fallen former child star, Lindsay Lohan, has landed in Cannes, France, for the renown film festival, in spite of the fact she is unemployed. Lohan seeks to promote a non-existent film on the life of pornographic star, Linda Lovelace, while shirking her commitments in Los Angeles, California, regarding completing an alcohol education course, as ordered by a California Circuit Court judge.

Lovelace did turn her life around from making pornography and became a Christian, which is commendable. However, if this film focuses on the filth that was her former job, rather than the redemptive story of the changes she made in her life, it will be useless and inaccurate.

Lohan has become so disliked by the public that she is simply not considered a bankable star. Therefore, Lovelace's story may not be seen as it should be with the distraction that is Lindsay Lohan starring in it.

Directors like a blank slate. An actor or actress, who can become a role, without bringing bad publicity and baggage to a project, damaging a film's chance of success. Some actors and actresses just don't get that. Lindsay is one of them and so is Tom Cruise.

They believe their own hype and that they can live any old way they want to, generate terrible publicity from being in Hollywood cults, such as Kabbalah or Scientology and all will be fine, when it just doesn't work that way. Audiences do not like the insanity, finding it disturbing and depressing.


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