Monday, May 17, 2010

Plastic Surgery Or Muppetry

Muppet-esque Mad-onna

Why do some plastic surgeons go too far and who is to blame - the doctors or the demanding patients. The Judiciary Report believes it is both, as each has the ability to say no to excessive plastic surgery. What also separates the good plastic surgeons from the bad ones.

Madame Muppet

As a plastic surgeon, do you really want your calling card to be a distorted face that looks like melting wax, propped up by cosmetic fillers and plastic parts, as illustrated above. Is that really a good endorsement of your work. Is it really a good thing having patients leaving your office looking like walking malpractice cases.


Bad Plastic Surgery

Bad Plastic Surgery - Part 2

Megan Fox's Plastic Surgery

Megan Fox's Plastic Surgery Part 2