Saturday, May 15, 2010

National Interests Or Doing The Right Thing

U.S. President Barack Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama has been confronted with a number of morality issues during his year and a half Presidency, some of which he has failed. For example, ending the wars in the Middle East. President Obama has sent more troops into the region, rather than making an effort to end the conflict and combat, solely being fought for foreign oil, Washington is not entitled to in any measure.

A number of Freedom of Information Act requests, have been stonewalled and hidden, as they formally asked for documents pertaining to President Obama's birth certificate, among other things concerning him or items to do with his high profile donors committing crimes, which his FBI and DOJ have been covering up, constituting obstruction of justice.

It's amazing what a government will label national interests, without seeking the will of the people regarding it. Often "national interests" are not so, but an excuse for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer, not helping the masses in any fashion.

Doing the right thing is more important and is what will be remembered well. Cover-ups, lies and alibis, never earned any presidency or person a good place in world history. Truth, conscience and consequence always prevail.


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