Monday, May 17, 2010

Rihanna Falls Down On Stage Again

Rihanna becoming a pop relic overnight

Pseudo-singer, Rihanna, has fallen down on her dishonest butt again, whilst lip-syncing on stage, during her current, poorly selling concert tour. It is a testament to the state of her career - completely fallen.

The adulterous singer, who has engaged in a sexual affair with rapper, Jay-Z, for years, who signed her as an underage teen, is gearing up for her next album, that is sure to be garbage like her current rip-off CD "Rated R" which has flopped.

Rihanna frequently releases unoriginal, rushed out, ill-conceived CDs, using other artists' images and music she and her team steals, due to her greed for ill-gotten gains and fame. The illogical recipe has proven disastrous, as she can do no right in the public's eyes for the past two years. The quality and the talent are simply not there.