Monday, May 17, 2010

Christina Aguilera Flops At Becoming Lady Gaga

Sony singer, Christina Aguilera's new song "Not Myself Tonight" is tanking like nobody's business, scuppering her blatant attempt at revamping herself and transforming into fellow artist, Lady Gaga.

The distasteful, devilish "Not Myself Tonight"

Some of you may recall articles the Judiciary Report did two years ago, questioning why Christina Aguilera was copying then new artist, Lady Gaga, even citing photo comparisons as proof, while the former slammed the latter in mainstream articles, as a transvestite.

Aguilera came back and copied her again with a new song and vulgar video for "Not Myself Tonight." However, the song from her CD "Bionic" has flopped, doing poorly in the sales and chart departments, respectively.


Christina Aguilera Ripping Off Lady GaGa