Monday, April 19, 2010

Truth Comes Out In School Webcam Spying Case

Blake Robbins

The truth has started to come out in the Philadelphia school webcam spying case, Blake Robbins vs. Lower Merion School District, affirming a number of things the Judiciary Report stated all along.

It was revealed today, Harriton High's undisclosed webcam program that secretly spied on students through their school issued laptops, snapped THOUSANDS OF PHOTOS OF KIDS AND THEIR FAMILIES IN THEIR HOMES. Students were snapped without their knowledge and consent in different states of undress and while sleeping, among other things.

This confirms what the Judiciary Report stated weeks ago, that there must be many illegally taken webcam photos of students in their homes, currently there is no smart webcam that can only turn on when drug use or other illegal activity is present, as the way technology works, the cameras can only be programmed to snap indiscriminately every few minutes or hours, depending on what the IT tech programs it to do.

Robbins' lawyer also stated, Carol Cafiero, who ran from a deposition, invoking the Fifth Amendment, is a "voyeur" that derived personal gratification from secretly watching students in their homes through the webcams.

An email disclosed in court this week revealed, Cafiero saw spying on kids in their homes, through the secretly recording webcams, as her "own little soap opera" which is sick. Ironically, several weeks ago, the Judiciary Report wrote, the school board involved in this case perversely tried to have their own sick little reality show via secret webcams spying on unsuspecting people in their homes.

In that same article two months ago the Judiciary Report also stated, the Blake Robbins case has the signs of sick "voyeurism" and "voyeurs" written all over it.

As stated previously, voyeurism is a form of mental illness, sexual dysfunction and deep depravity that is a danger to society, as anyone that would go to the extraordinary lengths to perversely break that privacy barrier and secretly spy on someone in their home, is sick beyond belief and should not be roaming free among the public to victimize others.

As it stands, Florida, New York and California, among other states, have anti-voyeurism laws that criminalize spying on people in their homes. However, in researching the law, remarkably, in Pennsylvania, it is barely an offense.

However, said webcams on the students' laptops had the capability to record audio, which should constitute violations of wiretapping laws, rendering felony charges. One can equate it to child endangerment laws, in that a child does not have to be injured to prove guilt. The mere fact the child was placed in a dangerous situation that endangered the minor is enough for an indictment.

It should not matter that the mic/audio allegedly was not turned, as the webcameras snapped photos, the capability was there and without permission.

In closing, since 2005 the Judiciary Report warned the FBI, DOJ and the US Congress in writing that questionable people have the capability to spy on innocent people in their homes, as has been proven by Kabbalah's invasive criminal conduct against me and that something needed to be done on a government level to rein in this type of perverse criminal misconduct.

Nothing was done and in that, the FBI, DOJ and US Congress, failed miserably, with innocent kids in Philadelphia now paying a price for the government's dereliction of duty, as other perverts believed such misconduct could be done with impunity, hence the Lower Merion School District case.

That's the problem with ignoring crimes being committed against innocent people, deeming it acceptable collateral damage - someone, somewhere else of the same depraved mindset, will get the same idea, think it's okay and cowardly victimize the weakest in society. This time, the victims were defenseless children trying to get an education.


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