Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tiger Woods Interview With ESPN On Infidelities

Tiger Woods

The world's top ranked golfer, Tiger Woods, did a candid interview with ESPN, regarding the infidelity scandal that gripped his life.

Woods looked sad, especially his eyes. He seems to be very sorry for what happened. It's time for people to stop condemning him and give him a chance to get back on his feet.

Trying to emotionally beat him into the ground is not going to accomplish anything.People really have no business trying to repeatedly hold it over him. It really is between Woods and his wife.

God can forgive Woods. This pack mentality of attacking him over and over again, reminds me of the scene in the Bible, where a woman was caught in adultery and people wanted to stone her to death for it.

Jesus told them, whoever among them that is sinless can throw the first stone. As none of them were sinless, they had to leave the woman alone. In short, it's time to leave Woods alone on this issue and move on.