Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mistress Of Sandra Bullock's Husband Reveling In Press

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock

Michelle McGhee, the Nazi nude model that became obsessed with, Jesse James, the husband of Oscar and Razzie winning actress Sandra Bullock (you know I'm not gonna let you forget that Razzie) is said to be basking in the notoriety and negative attention her adulterous affair has sparked.

Sandra Bullock with her Oscar

She has done tell-alls with magazines and websites, for which she has been financially compensated and is enjoying what she deems free publicity.

White Supremacist Michelle McGhee is a nude model, who has done photos wearing Nazi hats and armbands and reportedly has a swastika tattooed right above her vagina. She also has the letters "WP" short for "White Power" tattooed on her legs.

Meanwhile, James, who is reportedly also a Hitler fan, looks devastated at his wife leaving and Bullock has fallen off the radar. But as long as McGhee is happy, who cares about James' kids or his marriage to Bullock, right (sarcasm).

McGhee's calculated move to gain money and fame has hurt many people. I hope it was worth it, but let's face it, with the way life works, it won't be when the consequences crop up. You put bad out there and that bad will come back to you. It's time to change your ways and ask God for forgiveness.