Monday, March 29, 2010

New Developments In The School Webcam Spying Case


The Blake Robbins vs. Lower Merion School District spying case has taken a few more turns. Vice Principal, Lindy Matsko, is running from giving a deposition, as requested by the 15-year-old's lawyer, for fear "he will ambush her" in court.

Well, she and the school's management should have thought about that before they inexcusably confronted and ambushed a 15-year-old boy, with a photograph of himself in his bedroom, secretly taken by a school laptop's webcam, in misconduct they commissioned without his knowledge or that of his family.

It's amazing how people will engage in the perversion of spying on people in their homes, but when their illegal misdeeds are named and shamed publicly, they take the cowardly approach and run for cover.

I ask the site's readers, can you imagine someone coming up to you in a public setting, telling you what is going on in the privacy of your home, due to the illegal surveillance cams they have spying on you in your house. It is abominable and extremely perverted.

Vice Principal Lindy Matsko

The school's management deserves every bit of the shame being heaped upon them for this nastiness. It takes a deprave set of minds to do something like this.

The U.S. Judiciary Committee, a division of the Congress, has also scheduled a hearing into the spying case, as it has alarmed the nation and is quite sick.

The Robbins, all the other students and their families, deserve to know when they were spied on and the frequency thereof. Stop trying to launch a cover up. The case should proceed, the evidence uncovered, people imprisoned and laws enacted to ensure this perversion never transpires again.

There also needs to be laws barring the FBI from engaging in this type of misconduct, as they are currently doing the same to people in America, under the guise of law enforcement surveillance, when it is a sick invasion of privacy.


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