Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Nelly Still Won't Marry Shantel Jackson Whose Career Is Struggling

Shantel Jackson and Nelly

Shantel Jackson, the ex-fiancee of boxer, Floyd Mayweather, continues to post items on Instagram revealing she is in love with rapper Nelly. The couple have been dating for 2-years and Jackson has been dropping hints for nearly a year that she wants to marry him. However, Nelly hasn't even so much as proposed to her.

Shantel Jackson

Jackson did some shady things to Mayweather and hopefully she has left that behavior in the past. Jackson and Nelly should settled down and get married. At this stage, they may as well get married. What are you waiting on Nelly. You may as well make it official and marry her. If Nelly doesn't marry her, she is going to go back to Mayweather.

Nelly and Shantel Jackson

Jackson has wanted to be a model and actress. Mayweather tried, but her career did not take off. Jackson is a pretty woman, which helps in the acting world. However, she should have taken many acting lessons and focused on getting a television and movie career going. Nelly made her a reality star, but if she is to become a legitimate actress, she is going to have to seriously study acting.