Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Doctors Discover Kanye West Is Much Sicker Than They Initially Realized And Extend Hospital Hold

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Doctors have been discovering the true extent of rapper Kanye West's mental illness, which has resulted in his 48-hour psych hold being extended. West is currently under an  involuntary psychiatric hold at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. West missed Thanksgiving as a result of being committed to the mental ward of the hospital. The rapper experienced a psychotic break while performing on stage during his Saint Pablo music tour. 

Some are stating it is an insurance scam, but that is not true. West could have completed the tour if he was in a better frame of mind. However, his mind snapped due to the things he has experienced. The Judiciary Report has consistently maintained for well over a year that West has become mentally ill due to joining the sick Kabbalah Center cult.

The Kabbalah Center terrorizes, spies on, hounds and abuses its members, under the direction of deranged pop star Madonna, whom West produced music for a few short years ago. This onslaught of abuse has induced schizophrenia in the cult's members such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Steve-O, Rosie O'Donnell, Amanda Bynes, Solange Knowles, Chris Brown and Blu Cantrell, among others

Spears is currently on a regimen of 10 powerful anti-psychotic medicines to keep her schizophrenia at bay, after she experienced a psychotic break in 2008 due to Kabbalah. Spears shaved her head bald and began expressing rage, which are standard expressions of cult members. Spears also bit and shook her toddler while holding him and his brother hostage from their dad and police. Spears also attacked photographers and engaged in other criminally insane behavior, under the direction of the Kabbalah Center. 

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

West was not mentally ill before joining Kabbalah. They abused him and others to such degrees that their minds snapped. Some Kabbalah members have snapped and committed acts of violent assault and murder. They spy on members 24-hours a day via illegal wiretaps, phone hacking, web cam hacking, GPS tracking and sometimes hidden cameras in their homes. Then they text, telephone and email members telling them the details of what privately goes on in their homes, over their phones and in their computers, which creates feelings of depression, anger, anxiety, aggravation, irritation, rage and being perversely violated. It is quite sick. 

It is done in an effort to spy on and control members, as well as induce the mental disorder paranoia, which if continued, often leads to schizophrenia. These are very abusive and serious privacy crimes that are extremely sick and depraved in nature. The FBI has criminally failed in its duty to maintain law and order in America and have allowed the Kabbalah Center to continue to commit these sick crimes due to bribery. In the process, many young lives have been destroyed and people killed due to this satanic cult

Members of Kabbalah are also bombarded with many text messages, emails and phone calls, telling them what to do, wear, say and post on social networking. They maintain tight reins on members, whom they exploit for financial gain and fame. Many members snap due to the satanic rituals the cult holds at Kabbalah Centers, in hotels and private homes, known as "spirit cooking" involving blood, semen and food, disgustingly consumed as meals. Members are also forced into homosexuality, as a pledge of loyal to the cult that promises them fame and fortune. 

They bombard members' minds with negative, ghastly and evil imagery involving the abuse of adults and children alike, items featuring pentagrams and other imagery associated with the occult are also shown in repetition. Members are told to repeatedly chant phrases during these meetings, which is tantamount to brainwashing. The human mind is not meant for such negativity, evil and darkness. It creates depression, suicidal thoughts and violent tendencies.

Kim Kardashian and daughter North West

The cult also preys on people's worst fears, by trying to make them happen as a way to break them down and make them subservient. Using illegal surveillance items (wiretaps, phone hacking, computer and email hacking, audio and video bugs) whatever is said or written as an undesirable outcome the person does not want to happen, the Kabbalah Center works towards creating in the person's life, using minions they label "chevre" to bring about said negative situations. 

The constant abuse and realizing their worst fears induces schizophrenia in Kabbalah Center members. The Kabbalah Center actually touts what they call "inducing schizophrenia" as a greater state of mind or spiritual achievement, but it is simply a way for the cult to control its members and their bank accounts via mentally damaging them. This is known as "mind control."

Kabbalah members are forced to give the cult huge chunks of their income. Items leaked to the press by third parties, regarding multi-millionaires Alex Rodriguez, Mick Jagger and Jerri Hall, among others, revealed this fact. Kabbalah is nothing but an evil, abusive money making scam. 

Meanwhile, the cult's owners, Madonna and the Berg family, have made upwards of $400,000,000 scamming charities and members of the public into giving donations and tax breaks that have gone to maintaining their lavish lifestyles in Beverly Hills, New York and London, rather than to poor Africans, whom the money was intended to help. This has resulted in lawsuits against Madonna and Kabbalah. It is this ugly greed that is damaging people in ways medical science currently cannot fix.

There is no cure for schizophrenia. Doctors have unsuccessfully grappled with curing it for years. I am of the belief severe mental and or physical abuse releases dangerous levels of toxins in the brain of previously mentally healthy people, leading to deterioration of the organ. There are brain scans of schizophrenics that reveal perforation - small holes in the brain. If the brain is not sound, the individual's behavior will not be either. It can be equated to brain damage. 

This is what West's doctors are grappling with and the best they can hope for at this time through medical science is to medicate him with powerful anti-psychotic drugs. It is a solution to the problem, with the hope he does not hurt himself or anyone else.


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The 39-year-old was rushed to UCLA Medical Center after a reported breakdown on Monday and is currently being assessed with wife Kim Kardashian by his side. The website reports Kanye is in such a 'bad mental state' that his insurance policy for his 21 cancelled U.S. concerts is likely to cover him for lost profits due to illness...