Thursday, September 8, 2016

Drake’s Tour Bus Robbed Of $3,000,000 In Jewelry But Police Catch The Thief

The tour bus of rapper Drake was robbed of approximately $3,000,000 in jewelry at a concert stop in Phoenix, Arizona. The jewelry belonged to Drake’s DJ, Future The Prince. The robbery occurred while Drake was on stage performing. No word on whether the jewelry, housed in a suitcase on the tour bus, is insured. However, a perpetrator has been arrested for the crime.

Travion King
Travion King was detained for stealing the briefcase of jewelry. It is being reported all of the jewelry has been accounted for by police. It is very unwise to travel with that sum in jewelry with no proper security. The theft occurred at the hands of a party who knew Drake and Future The Prince’s schedule and the value of the jewelry.