Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton Has Two Terrible Coughing Spells In One Day During Live Speech And Again In Television Interview (Videos)

Hillary Clinton suffered two coughing attacks yesterday. One of the coughing attacks occurred on stage, greatly disrupting her speech. The second attack led to Clinton abruptly terminating a live television interview, due to a 3-minute coughing fit. She could not stop coughing. This has happened countless times during the election. Clinton is very sick but hiding it from the public.

Clinton has a history of blood clots, concussions, blackouts, fainting spells, thyroid problems and broken bones, due to her numerous health problems. People who suffer blood clots often experience heart problems. Cardiac issues arise from the blood circulation issues the clot creates. Clinton is making it worse with her diet of junk food that is clogging up her arteries. Clinton’s mother also experienced heart failure, regarding an issue that is running in their family, due to poor diet and stress.

Clinton blamed her persistent cough on “seasonal allergies” yet this problem just started occurring since the blood clot. That’s not allergies. I’ve had allergies since I was a child. I’ve even joked about it online, as allergy medicine has made me fall asleep during movies I paid good money to see. I was not amused (LOL).

Allergies cause people to sneeze, have watery eyes, runny nose and sometimes parts of the skin will turn red, almost like hives. Allergies typically do not cause a person to cough uncontrollably for minutes. Some who have been exposed to allergens such as peanuts have choked and gasped for air, but not coughed uncontrollably for minutes on end. One can keep one’s allergies under control with an over the counter anti-histamine and by avoiding known allergens. It’s not complicated.

Hillary Clinton making her health problems worse with poor diet
However, people with the heart problems Clinton is displaying are told to avoid all stress, caffeine, chocolate, fatty foods that spike cholesterol levels that clog arteries creating blood constriction and get plenty of rest. Clinton is on the campaign trail, arguing with people on a daily basis (Trump, his supporters and politicians), eating junk food as seen in many photos, drinking coffee and not getting enough sleep evidenced by her tired appearance on many occasions. Clinton is giving her heart a beating and walloping with her behavior and her body repeatedly coughing is one of the consequences of that. If she keeps it up, she is going to pass out in clear public view. Clinton needs to take her health more seriously and from what the public has seen, she is not doing so.

Clinton is not cut out to be president due to her failing health. Being President of the United States is a high stress job not suitable for someone with Clinton’s health profile, as it will induce seizures, blackouts, fainting spells and coughing fits. World leaders are not going to want to wait minutes on end for Clinton to stop coughing during critical meetings. They are not going to want to deal with her nor will they take her seriously, believing she has mental deterioration from the blood clot inducing dementia and heart problems emanating from it as well.