Tuesday, August 23, 2016

People Are Getting Themselves Into Trouble On Social Networking (Dating)

Social networking is a great way to interact with others, using websites such as Twitter, among others, to meet new people. Some of you are not thinking clearly when you post items to people. For example, if you are a woman, famous or not, with a boyfriend or husband, you really shouldn’t be posting flirtatious items to other men online and using emojis such as the eggplant (penis), heart shaped eyes and the tongue indicating salivating (not the tongue indicating a raspberry “tongue sticking out”). 

How is your man or husband going to feel seeing that. If he calls you out on it, you better get smart and say, “Why would I like a muscular, well chiseled man who doesn’t miss leg day! Ewl, that’s gross. I love your bird chest” (you better try to keep a straight face when you say it LOL). 

If you are a man with a girlfriend or wife, why are you online liking beauty shots or half naked pictures on Instagram or retweeting or favoriting non-platonic tweets on Twitter posted by other women. That’s disrespectful to the person you are in a relationship with and in some cases an outright embarrassment.

Some of you are doing these things, then wondering why you are getting in trouble with your significant other. Some of you are acting so thirsty online then wondering why the person you are dating or are married to is angry with you. All that stuff is for single people. 

Speaking of that. Some single people lack good friends. Some of your friends are jealous and envious of your looks and will post the worst stuff in trying to make you look bad to others. How do you think it looks to others that your friend posts that you have a child or children you don’t own up to and mess around with lots of women, not indicating they are joking. Women looking on will think you are a dog and ignore you. Potential employers or companies seeking to retain you as a representative will overlook you branding you irresponsible, reckless and promiscuous. 

Some of you are seeking to date someone from the internet, yet you are posting non-descript pictures of yourself with others, which makes it look like you are not single, leading interested parties to move on to someone else. That’s sending out mixed signals.

What I found amusing recently was an informal male blogger who is always on Twitter and Instagram (not someone I follow or vice versa) who is always putting down others for their looks, when he is no looker himself, posting photos of himself with beautiful women he is trying to lead people to believe he is dating, when he is not. They are his co-workers.  

Whatever you post online, make sure it is ethical, legal and not something you will regret later. There are some things that are better left unsaid and kept private. You never know who is reading your pages, the impression it will leave or the job or relationship it could cost you.