Friday, July 22, 2016

Mother Of Slain 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Slams President Obama's Inaction On The Police Brutality That Claimed Her Son's Young Life (Video)

Samaria Rice is the mother of murdered 12-year-old, Tamir Rice, who was brutally gunned down by trigger happy police officer, Timothy Loehmann, while the underage minor held a toy gun in an open carry state (in Ohio one is allowed to openly carry guns). Police carelessly drove right up to Rice and shot him within seconds, rather than keeping a safe distance and speaking to the child from afar. Rice was shot and died in agony on the ground, while police restrained his underage sister from comforting him, cuffing and detaining her in a squad car without just case. It was piss poor police work.

When asked about Obama's conduct in office regarding the many deaths of civilians to police brutality, Samaria stated, "President Barack Obama! I don't know what you're doing. I don't know how you are able to sleep at night. To sleep and wake up and see that another murder has happened on behalf of the government and nobody is getting any justice at the Department of Justice. You did some things, but that's fine. We're talking about lives being saved. I don't even know what category to put him in. It's just I'm very disappointed with him. I'm very disappointed with him." 

Tamir Rice

She's right. Obama's conduct has been very disappointing. And no, Obama doesn't get a pass for being the first black president. Right is right and wrong is wrong. It doesn't matter the color of your skin. Obama had a legal obligation to act in a manner that would bring about justice. What makes it worse is Obama is a lawyer. He knows better. He knows people are being criminally deprived of their civil rights and human rights. 

In case after case regarding police brutality, Obama's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Justice (DOJ) finds against the victims without fail. They do so with Obama's knowledge and consent. It is patently wrong and cruel, adding insult to injury. The corruption is so thick at the FBI and DOJ the two agencies are now struggling under massive public disfavor. The agencies have never been so exposed and disliked and it's all thanks to Hillary Clinton.


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