Friday, July 22, 2016

Chris Brown Tells Taylor Swift To Shut Up

Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Reality star Kim Kardashian and her annoying husband, Kanye West, slammed Taylor Swift as a liar, for stating she was unaware he would call her a "b***h" in a song. West and Kardashian sneakily and unethically recorded a telephone conversation with Swift, without her consent, where they supposedly got the singer to admit she knew about the contents of the rapper's song labeling her a "b***h."

Chris Brown slamming Taylor Swift On Instagram
Brown, seeing the whole mess unfold, waded into the dispute. Brown posted on Instagram, "Oh NO... Someone said something I don't like, OUCH MY PU**Y HURT. Make music and shut the f**k up." Who says that! Chris is losing it (LOL). Brown is being called a misogynist on social networking for his statements, but we already knew that.