Friday, July 1, 2016

Man Drops Gay Slur Fake Cake Lawsuit Against Whole Foods And Is Sued By The Supermarket After It Is Discovered He Made Up The Homophobic Incident

Jordan Brown
A gay so-called "pastor" Jordan Brown, filed a lawsuit against the Whole Foods supermarket company, alleging its bakery department in Austin, Texas sold him a cake with the word "fag" on it, which is a slur for homosexuals. The cake allegedly stated "Love wins fag." The store denied the scurrilous allegation. Brown retained an attorney and presented him with the cake box containing the alleged slur cake. I was surprised when I read about this case. It seemed out of character for Whole Foods, as they are happy go lucky hippie supermarket (LOL no shade intended).

Whole Foods, angry that its name was being tarnished, did some investigating. CCTV security footage revealed the UPC label on the alleged slur cake is fake. When Brown left the store the cake's label was on top of the box. However, the cake he and his attorney presented to the public and entered into evidence in court, had the label on the side of the box. 

A close up of the fake cake
Whole Foods continued to poke holes in Brown's questionable story. Sensing the scam was up, Brown came clean and dropped the fraudulent lawsuit. Brown However, Whole Foods picked it up - as in suing his backside for lying and defaming their store, which brought a significant amount of bad publicity to their brand. 

Whole Foods revealed the only thing the cake stated was "Love wins." It did not state "Love wins fag" which would have been horrible. That would have been a nasty thing to do to someone who ordered a cake. However, Brown was the one who added the word "fag" to the cake, then sued wanting attention (he posted the cake on Twitter) and some quick money (he is in debt up to his eyeballs and has been sued over unpaid student loans).  

Jordan Brown tweeted out the fake cake on Twitter slamming Whole Foods over a cake he desecrated
I've shopped at the Whole Foods in London, England (Kensington) several times and had dinner there as well and the staff has been very courteous. The staff at the Whole Foods in Aventura, Florida (Miami) which I'd been to a number of times as well, were also very courteous. As far as I can see, Whole Foods, like Publix supermarkets in America, train their staff to be nice and courteous. So, Brown's story was strange.

People should not make false accusations against companies. Some in the gay community are creating incidents that didn't happen to bring attention to themselves. However, it is not a good idea making up stories about companies. It is destructive to jobs and revenues. People will fight for their reputation when they have been wronged.