Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Deontay Wilder Sues Alexander Povetkin Over Scrapped Fight And $5,000,000 Purse Money

Deontay Wilder v. Alexander Povetkin was schedueld to take place on May 21, 2016, but was cancelled when Povetkin failed the standard drug test

Undefeated WBC heavyweight world champion, Deontay Wilder, 30, has sued rival and challenger, Alexander Povetkin, 36, for failing a drug test, which led to the cancellation of their much anticipated fight in Russia. Povetkin's promoter Andrey Ryabinskiy has also been sued in the legal action. Povetkin tested positive for the steroid meldonium, which was added to the banned list in January 2016. 

Meldonium's primary function is as a heart drug. However, it does give athletes an edge in competition, creating increased oxygen intake and recovery (but it is not without considerable risks to a person who is not a cardiac patient: "Tennis Star Maria Sharapova Given 2-Year Ban For Using Banned Steroid" and "42-Year-Old MMA Star Kimbo Slice Dies From Fatal Heart Attack In Florida").

Wilder's purse for the fight was to be $4,369,365, money Wilder lost, as he was the likely favorite to retain the WBC heavyweight belt. Wilder's record is (36-0). Povetkin's record is (31-1). Wilder has a valid case. He upheld his end of the contract. However, Povetkin's conduct via a failed drugs test constitutes breach of contract, as each fighter was legally obligated to show up for the fight drug free. 

As such, Wilder is entitled to financial compensation. Wilder spent time and money training for the fight ($100,000) and in this site's estimation would have won the bout (again the purse was $4,369,365). During said time, Wilder could have taken another lucrative fight as champion and made millions of dollars. Wilder was also deprived of the fight of a lifetime, to perform in Russia before a very large audience, which would have increased his fame in Europe and Britain. Therefore, it is a litigable offense, the case has merit and there are actual damages (financial losses) one can gain relief for under court rules. The case has been filed in New York.

Previously, Povetkin's promoter Ryabinskiy, sued Don King and his fighter, Guillermo Jones, over a failed drug test and won $2,000,000. Therefore, there is precedent for Wilder's lawsuit.


Deontay Wilder, promoter file suit over canceled Alexander Povetkin match

 June 13, 2016 4:54 PM - Deontay Wilder, the WBC heavyweight contender, and promoter DiBella Entertainment have jointly filed a federal lawsuit against No. 1 contender Alexander Povetkin and his promoter, Andrey Ryabinskiy, as a result of the cancelation of their planned May 21 bout in Russia. 

Povetkin tested positive for the banned substance Meldonium on April 27. WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman ruled on May 15 the fight could not proceed as a result of Povetkin's failure. The suit, filed Monday in U.S. District Court in New York, seeks a minimum of $5 million in actual damages plus additional damages to be proven at trial. Ryabinskiy's company, World of Boxing, earned the right to promote the bout via a purse bid in which its bid was $7.15 million. Out of that, Wilder's purse was to be $4,369,365... 

"Plaintiffs' concerns about ensuring proper testing for banned substances became amplified when, in or around late March 2016, DBE received information that made it concerned that Povetkin was undergoing some kind of doping (i.e., use of banned substances) regimen," the suit read. "In particular, DBE learned that Povetkin had traveled to Spain, which was highly suspicious considering that (i) it is common knowlege in the boxing industry that Povetkin does not like to train outside of Russia, and (ii) while Spain is not known to be a traditional place for boxers to train, it is notorious as an epicenter of doping. Based upon this information, DBE and Wilder began pressuring the WBC to immediately commence random doping testing for the Bout." 

Guillermo Jones, a Don King-promoted fighter, tested positive for a banned substance and couldn't compete against a WOB-promoted fighter. Ryabinskiy sued King for failing to produce Jones and won a $2 million judgment...