Friday, July 29, 2016

Coroner's Report Reveals The Extent Of Singer Christina Grimmie's Injuries Inflicted By Stalker Who Murdered Her

Christina Grimmie

The coroner's report into the death of "The Voice" and You Tube star Christina Grimmie reveals obsessed stalker, Kevin James Loibl, shot her in the head and chest, as she extended her arms to hug him, as she did other fans, at a meet and greet in Orlando, Florida. The talented singer was the opening act for the boyband Before You Exit. Both recording acts were spending time signing autographs for audience members and giving out hugs when tragedy struck. 

Kevin James Loibl
Loibl, who had never met or spoken to Grimmie, built up a non-existent relationship with her that existed solely in his mind and became angry upon logging on to social networking one day and discovering she had a boyfriend. Loibl stalked Grimmie across the state of Florida to her show in Orlando. The bullets to Grimmie's head and chest proved catastrophic. Surgeons battled to save her, but she was pronounced dead hours after the shooting. Loibl turned the gun on himself and was also pronounced dead. This nonsensical tragedy is appalling. She was only 22-years-old. He should not have done this to her.