Thursday, June 23, 2016

Presidential Poll: Americans Believe Donald Trump Would Handle The Economy Better Than Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump
A newly conducted CNN poll reveals Americans are of the belief, Donald Trump, would handle the U.S. economy better than rival, Hillary Clinton. 51% of Americans believe Trump would do a better job with the economy, as opposed to 43% who favored Clinton. Trump and Clinton are currently squaring off in the 2016 presidential election and vying for votes in a contest that is the most contentious to date.

Clinton’s campaign is largely being funded by the Saudi Arabian royal family and other foreign donors. She is using the contacts of husband and former President, Bill Clinton, to raise money. Clinton currently has $48,000,000 in donations. Trump, on the other hand, has received far less donations, totaling $1.5 million dollars. This is ironic, as he had the most votes in the primaries. For Trump to gain more donations, he would have to seek out business associates and request his many voters give to his campaign. Trump has stated he will self-fund and he can afford it. $48,000,000 is chump change to him.

While it is true Trump has far more business experience than Clinton, she is painting him as someone who would bankrupt America. The fact of the matter is both Clinton and Trump have been the subject of big financial scandals. The difference is Trump knows how to use the business system to make money, while protecting his own wealth and assets, even if investors and banks get burned in the process (he has filed for business bankruptcy 3 times). He’s as rich as ever. Trump owns many valuable properties.

In contrast, Clinton is constantly slipped crooked money from all over the place in shady financial dealings she conducts offshore, in exchange for favors using her U.S. government contacts (also known as bribe money). Clinton has bank accounts all over the place in the international community containing questionably acquired funds. The Colombian government recently called Clinton’s conduct into question, forcing her to shutdown a secret company she created in their nation, to quietly solicit money from all over the world, like it was a hedge fund. However, it was no such thing.

Clinton is not a moneymaker, per say. As president she would not know how to make money for America. She is used to being given money for things she will not honestly talk about in a public interview, for fear of being hit with criminal charges. Trump knows the banking system and financial world in general. However, if he became president the problem is he could bend to the will of the rich in America and let them stick it to and rip off the poor and middle class, as former President George W. Bush did when he was in office.

Hillary Clinton
As stated in past columns, the $1 trillion President George W. Bush spent on wars was devastating to the American economy. However, the record spending current President Barack Obama has done, has firmly set America on the path to bankruptcy within the next few years. The laws Obama had pushed through Congress is also doing its share of the damage in leading America towards bankruptcy.

Bank Of America recently released a statement revealing the cash levels in America are consistent with a recession. This concurs with claims made by other financial institutions and organizations, insisting the U.S. economy is still in bad shape. The financial crisis from 2008 is still raging on. However, select press outlets have exposed the fact accurate numbers are not being released by the government to cover up the toxic data (The Washington Post Accuses Congress Of Covering Up The True State Of The U.S. Economy). It is the same tactic President Bush used to cover his backside after greatly damaging the economy.

You can’t keep “kicking the can down the road” as the phrase goes, as you will reach the end of the road at some point. That time is rapidly approaching. As another phrase goes, “The buck stops here.”
This unruly financial spending is destroying America. For several years, the Judiciary Report has repeatedly emphasized the benefits of austerity to correct financial deficiencies in global economies, but Washington has opted to do the opposite, spending like a drunk gold-digger at the mall and the negative results of those poor choices will surface in full in the next few years.

The government hates honest criticism and correction. They prefer you kiss their butts and tell them what they want to hear…even if their course of action destroys the country.


Barack Obama

So, Washington, keep on spending like a gold digger at the mall with a famous man’s credit card, because to pay for those debts you are racking up, someone is gonna get screwed (sarcasm). In this case, it’s the U.S. taxpayers. America is steadily skidding towards bankruptcy due to the record spending Obama has done. As it progresses without correction on the government’s end, there will not be enough money for the federal government. Social Security is also in jeopardy.

From the beginning of Obama’s presidency I wrote that his financial plans would not work for America due to his announced massive spending initiatives, poor tax collection plans and overall lack of austerity. Now at the end of his presidency, you see that it has not worked.