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Untalented Madonna's Jealousy Of Talented Entertainers Such As Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey And Celine Dion


Madonna has always been jealous of talented stars, such as Prince, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Madonna initiated nasty disputes with each of them, issuing mean spirited, jealous comments, with details from some of the incidents seeping out into the public domain. It's amazing how self-deluded some people can be. Madonna has no talent, yet is constantly warring with entertainers who have an abundance of talent, jealous they have great gifts for their craft, as Prince, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston so prominently displayed. 

Madonna made nasty comments about Celine Dion and Mariah Carey as well, over their singing abilities that attracted a significant amount of public attention. Madonna also resented the attention fans bestowed upon Prince, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Madonna tried to date Prince and Michael Jackson, but when they realized the terrible type of person she is, they backed away from her. Michael Jackson stated Madonna was always jealous of the manner in which fans cry and faint at his concerts. Madonna hated Jackson's status as the biggest pop star on the planet. However, even in death, Jackson still easily surpasses Madonna. 

Madonna resented Prince's immense musical talents and the fact he just did not want to have her in his life anymore, after they dated and worked together. Prince even rolled his eyes during a Madonna performance years ago, which was caught on camera. After working with her in the studio under contract and actually hearing her real voice, Prince branded Madonna untalented and desperate for publicity. Prince was a private man, who did not pursue publicity in the way Madonna repeatedly does, so she was not someone he wanted around all the time. 

Prince also prided himself on being nice, when Madonna is known to have a nasty mean streak that surfaces out of nowhere. People don't want that kind of nasty negativity around them. Madonna also kept pursing Prince with her crazy Kabbalah cult, even in the last days of his life. Earlier in his career, Madonna had Prince convinced he was Italian (as she is), which he later found out is not true. Prince is actually black with French Creole ancestry based in Louisiana. 
Since the time of Prince's tragic death last month, Madonna and her self-proclaimed Hollywood Illuminati, the Kabbalah cult, have been making plans on the 2,000 unreleased songs he left behind, with no will found. People in the industry have been talking about it, as her behavior is like that of a vulture.

In the 1990s, Madonna asked her label to arrange a public date with Michael Jackson, when she was trying to leech of his fame. Due to the fact Jackson would not have sex with her on the date, Madonna went around Hollywood slamming him as "gay" and childish. Madonna mocked him in terrible ways. Madonna set out to humiliate him in front of his peers for sexually rejecting her, which was petty and pathetic. She also resented Jackson's fame, which was at its height in the 1980s, on a level Madonna never achieved.  

Michael Jackson and Madonna
Madonna hated Whitney Houston due to her voice and beauty that enthralled the public. Beginning in the 1980s, Houston was called "the Voice" due to her exceptional singing abilities. Houston's voice was quite rare and blew the public away. Madonna could never sing and hated Houston for it. Madonna's hatred grew even more when her ex-boyfriend, Kevin Costner, pursued Houston for a movie, branding her the prettiest singer in the world. Costner had dumped Madonna (many men have done so) who became jealous at how well he treated Houston.

Costner offered Houston the lead role in the 1992 movie "The Bodyguard" which went on to become a massive box office hit and the best selling soundtrack of all time. Madonna had heard about the film in production and asked Houston to back away from it and Costner. It ticked Madonna off no end, as she wanted to become a bigger pop star and was attempting to be an actress, but failed miserably at it. Madonna also became jealous over Costner's statements about Houston, believing he had a crush on beautiful Whitney, who was dating Bobby Brown, then married him. 

And so what if Costner had a crush on Houston. America is a free country. People can like whomever they want to and spend time with them. It's nobody else's business. Madonna confronted Houston over Costner's flattering public statements (about Houston) and the actor having given her the lead role in the hit film, to which Whitney sarcastically stated, "Kevin says hi" and walked off. Houston was not a fan of Madonna, branding her creepy and a stalker, for tracking her down and confronting her over "The Bodyguard" (a role that was never Madonna's to begin with) and Costner, who had dumped her (Madonna). Madonna targeted Houston during and after production on the film, approaching her like a jealous crazy person. Madonna complained to Costner about it as well.

Whitney Houston
I've learned through Madonna's crazy Kabbalah Center stalking and approaching me on a regular basis over my copyrights that Madonna is a madwoman that thinks everything is hers, was meant to be hers, she should own everything and it's a cosmic mistake if someone else ends up with things she covets. So much so, it leads to copyright infringement and in other incidents commissioned criminal behavior that constitutes hate crimes, assault and criminal copyright infringement (Hollywood allowed the thieving trash Madonna to take over the industry and to its detriment, as sales are in the toilet).

People in the industry have stated Madonna thought Costner should have offered her the lead role in "The Bodyguard" and that she blamed Houston for "stealing" the role from her. However, the role was never Madonna's for Houston to "steal" it and Costner had a right to offer it to anyone he saw fit for the part. As a songwriter or moviemaker, you want the absolute best talent for your work, as it can make it that much better. Costner made the right choice giving the part and song remake of "I Will Always Love You" to Houston. 

I can't think of anyone who would have been a better fit for the movie. Houston was the right person at the right time for the project. Costner's good looks and acting ability, combined with Houston's beauty, talent and stage presence were a perfect match. It was very believable. They created a great piece of cinema.  

Whitney Houston
Had Madonna starred in "The Bodyguard" the movie would have been a massive flop. Firstly, Madonna is not attractive and has no presence on screen (never mind she thinks she's some great beauty like Megan Fox). Secondly, Madonna cannot act or sing. Can you imagine Madonna trying to sing "I Will Always Love You" which is the song Costner brought to Houston and asked her to record as the theme song for "The Bodyguard." Madonna would have missed every single note in the song and screeched out a terrible rendition of "I Will Always Love You" that would make dogs run for cover. 

Madonna is not a real singer. Madonna is known for having background singers in the studios sing her lead vocal parts as well, then producers and engineers turn down her lead vocals, while making theirs more prominent during the mix, to hide the  fact she can't sing. It's one big scam. And the records still show she's a weak, marginal singer.

"The Bodyguard" movie was not the first time Madonna went around terrorizing a movie maker. Madonna stalked, harassed and threatened Academy Award winning director, John Schlesinger,  who blamed her terrible behavior for the heart attack that killed him. Madonna harassed him into casting her in the film "The Next Best Thing." Schlesinger, should not have been working with trash like Madonna. She is untalented, unprofessional and evil. 

"The Bodyguard"
Madonna, who knows nothing about filmmaking, took over the set, began making crazy demands and threats in dictating how the film should go, sending the director a barrage of insane, menacing faxes and telephone messages on a weekly basis. Madonna likes to insanely commandeer people's projects and turn them into crap. It is the equivalent of a crazy, screeching, hyperactive monkey taking a paintbrush to a Picasso. 

When the released film "The Next Best Thing" was trashed by critics due to Madonna's profound lack of talent and the neurotic mess she injected into the project, she sent the director even more menacing threats and abuse via an excessive stream of faxes and telephone messages that prominently display her mental derangement. She did the same thing to the director of another flopped film she starred in, "Body Of Evidence." 

Madonna is certifiably crazy, as she can't sing, dance or act, but has displayed this raging jealousy and ill will towards genuine singers and musicians with talent, whom she deems has or will usurp her. However, what is there to usurp. Madonna is untalented and made a career out of thievery. She was never in contention to be the best entertainer. Thus far, world history records Michael Jackson as the top entertainer. Elvis, the Beatles, Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion have also passed Madonna in every way. Madonna looks like a raging psychopath going around  harassing, terrorizing and abusing people.

"The Bodyguard"
Bombarding unwilling people with threading, abusive emails, faxes, texts and telephone messages (as Madonna does) is behavior psychiatrists associate with deranged stalkers. Madonna keeps doing this to various people, as she has severe mental disorders. Madonna keeps bothering people who do not like her. Only crazy people do such things.

Madonna is a stalker. When former boyfriend, Dennis Rodman dumped her, she began targeting his new love interest, Carmen Elektra, whom the basketball player later married. When Madonna began pursuing a then aspiring director, Guy Ritchie, she began stalking and harassing his then girlfriend, Tania Strecker. Now that Ritchie has married someone else after ditching Madonna, she (Madonna) has begun stalking his new wife Jacqui Ainsley (Newspaper Reports Madonna Has Hired Private Investigator To Stalk Guy Ritchie, His New Wife And The Couple’s Children Confirming Previous Site Claims). Learn to leave people alone.


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