Saturday, May 21, 2016

Americans Underwhelmed By Presidential Election Voting Choices

Donald Trump
There are articles in the press as well as many comments on social networking, indicating many Americans are unhappy with the voting choices. As it stands, the election is boiling down to a battle between democrat, Hillary Clinton, who is under criminal investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and republican, Donald Trump, who is a divisive hate monger.

Hillary Clinton
People are wondering how the election whittled down to these choices. Certainly both candidates have their supporters. However, people are expressing how underwhelmed they are at the two potential options for President of the United States. Clinton has a long history of illegality and corruption under her belt, from her involvement with Mafioso private investigator, Anthony Pellicano who is in prison on a host of illegal wiretapping and racketeering charges, to the former Secretary of State criminally spying on the entire United Nations, leading to calls for her arrest. 

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Melania Trump
Trump loves money to dangerous degrees, which is corrupting his soul and removing all humility from his life. He also has a terrible temper that would spell a diplomatic disaster of global proportions in the international community. Trump is not liked in the international community due to incendiary statements he has made on the campaign trail.


Choices for president are failing to excite voters in Anoka

Many who live and work in what's a home base for independent voters seem unhappy with a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
May 18, 2016 — 5:35am - Anoka is as up for grabs in this year’s presidential election as any Minnesota city, and right now many who live and work there seem unhappy with a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. “It’s not a very good selection,” said Justin Matthews, who cuts hair at Cowboy Mel’s Barber Shop, just off Main Street and a block from the Rum River. The 32-year-old expressed measured admiration for Trump’s business success, then just as quickly dismissed him as “a reality TV star.” At the same time, he deeply distrusts Clinton. “Slim pickings,” Matthews said. 

Having chased his rivals out of the race, Trump is trying to win over many Republicans and independent voters unsettled by his lack of political experience, frequently outrageous behavior and unpredictable shifts on conservative principles. Clinton, still widely seen as the probable Democratic nominee, has nonetheless failed to close off the challenge by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders or allay doubts about her honesty that recur in local and national polls and voter interviews...