Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sinead O'Connor Sued For $5,000,000 Over Stating Arsenio Hall Spiked Her Drink And Was Prince's Drug Dealer

Former talks show host Arsenio Hall, has filed a $5,000,000 defamation lawsuit against singer, Sinead O'Connor. Shortly after the death of singer, Prince, on April 21, 2016, O'Connor, who had remade the late musician's song "Nothing Compares 2 U" and achieved worldwide fame from it, accused Hall of supplying Prince with illegal drugs. O'Connor blamed Hall for Prince's death. O'Connor also referred to Hall as "Prince and Eddie Murphy's b***h" regarding gay rumors that have surrounded them since the 1980s.

Arsenio Hall

O'Connor reported Hall to police in Prince's hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, as apart of their investigation into his death. Hall labeled the claims defamatory and hit O'Connor with a lawsuit over her conduct. O'Connor has responded to Hall's lawsuit via items posted on her Facebook page. O'Connor labels the lawsuit "laughable threats" and told Hall, "He can suck my d**k. That is if he isn't too busy sucking someone else's." She further stated, "I'm more amused than I've ever dreamed a person could be and look forward very much to how hilarious it will be watching him trying to prove me wrong."

Sinead O'Connor
O'Connor's family has been very worried about her of late. Prior to slamming Hall, she went missing for days, then surfaced online making posts about them on social networking they labeled untrue. In the past, O'Connor stated Prince summoned her to his house in the 1990s and asked her to stop using profanity in promotion of the remake of his song "Nothing Compares 2 U." O'Connor revealed she became angry and started punching Prince. O'Connor stated she and Prince got into a fist fight, prompting her to flee his house in Los Angeles late at night.  


Arsenio Hall Sues Sinead O’Connor For $5M For Claiming He Was Prince’s Drug Dealer
Collin Robinson @slangsyllables | May 5, 2016 - 3:59 pm - Sinead O’Connor recently accused Arsenio Hall of fueling his good friend Prince’s drug habit, which led to the artist’s death. According to TMZ, Hall has responded to the tune of a $5 million defamation lawsuit. The funnyman’s lawyers, Marty Singer and Lynda Goldman, filed a suit this morning in which the comedian calls O’Connor a “desperate attention-seeker” for posting a rant on Facebook earlier this week. She called Prince a “longtime hard drug user” and referred to Hall as “Prince’s and Eddie Murphy’s b***h.” 

The former late-night host also denies ever supplying Prince with illegal drugs in the lawsuit and adds he hasn’t had contact with O’Connor for 25 years. He also dismisses her claim of spiking her with drugs in the past. Hall furthermore claims that he witnessed O’Connor tell Prince she “detested him” and told the singer to “go f**k himself.” This one may get ugly...


Sinead O'Connor Responds to Arsenio Hall's $5 Million Defamation Lawsuit: It's 'Laughable'
May 8, 2016, 3:00 AM ET - Sinead OConnor performs in Italy on Oct. 5, 2014 and Arsenio Hall attends an event in Burbank, Calif. on May 2, 2016. WATCH Arsenio Hall Suing Sinead O'Connor for $5 Million. Sinead O'Connor has responded to Arsenio Hall's $5 million defamation lawsuit, which the comedian filed last Thursday in Los Angeles, after the Irish singer suggested in a Facebook post that he supplied Prince with drugs. 

In a post written Friday on her official Facebook page, O'Connor said she was responding to Hall's "laughable threats." She wrote, "I'm more amused than I've ever dreamed a person could be and look forward very much to how hilarious it will be watching him trying to prove me wrong." O'Connor reiterated her previous claims, and added, "I do not like Arsenio Hall." Then, in a subsequent post, O'Connor posted a YouTube video of her song "Nothing Compares 2 U," and captioned it "THIS IS FOR PRINCE. RIP." 

As ABC News previously reported, on May 2 O'Connor wrote on her Facebook page, "Two words for the DEA investigating where prince got his drugs over the decades.... Arsenio Hall (AKA Prince's and Eddie Murphy's b****). Anyone imagining prince was not a long time hard drug user is living in cloud cuckoo land. Arsenio I've reported you to the Carver County Sherrif's office. Expect their call. They are aware you spiked me years ago at Eddie murphy's house. You best get tidying your man cave."...


Sinead O'Connor has revealed she came to blows with Prince over 'Nothing Compares 2U', the song he penned which propelled Sinead to superstardom
Speaking in an interview with Norwegian station NRK yesterday, she said, "I did meet him a couple of times. We didn't get on at all. In fact we had a punch-up. "He summoned me to his house after 'Nothing Compares'. I made it without him. I'd never met him. He summoned me to his house - and it's foolish to do this to an Irish woman - he said he didn't like me saying bad words in interviews. So I told him to f*** off." 

Sinead revealed the row became physical. "He got quite violent. I had to escape out of his house at 5 in the morning. He packed a bigger punch than mine. In other news, Sinead last week posted a review of OhMiBod's latest sex toy, saying, "The OhMiBod? Oh my God! This is what every adult woman wants for Christmas, trust me. Even your Ma! So tell your Da! No man will ever be nagged again who buys this for his woman."...