Friday, May 6, 2016

Lee Daniels Violating People's Privacy And Rights In 'Empire' Scripts

Lee Daniels and his boyfriend. Daniels stole and turned a wholesome, preexisting copyright about the music industry into a debauched, sexually explicit gay show, renaming it "Empire." Daniels additionally infringed items on this widely read website, the Judiciary Report, including them in select episodes of the show.

Previously on the site, I complained about so-called producer/director Lee Daniels putting real elements of people's lives in the copyright infringing show "Empire" stolen from my preexisting copyrighted catalog (for further reference read: Hollywood's Ignorant, Racist And Hateful Characterizations Of Jamaicans). Now he has engaged in another habit that the main copyright infringer, Madonna, who illegally sold him the show at a cut rate price, has repeatedly done in this case regarding me, via placing my name in some of the infringements (infringing TV shows and movies she stole from my preexisting copyrighted catalog and sold to business associates in Hollywood at cut rate prices).  


It was recently brought to my attention that one of the characters on the show "Empire" is named "Camilla." My middle name is "Kamilah" which is a variant spelling of "Camilla" in baby name books. Both are pronounced exactly the same. "Camilla" on "Empire" is played by Naomi Campbell, who is of Jamaican descent (I'm Jamaican). They did the same with the "Hit The Floor" copyright infringement in naming a lead character "Asha" (My first name is "Aisha" which is a variant spelling of "Asha"). And here as well.

"Camilla" name meaning

"Asha" name meaning
As stated previously, Daniels also infringed the image rights of one of my mother's disabled students to create the movie "Precious" ripping off her life story and image to the point people in Miami began calling the poor woman "Precious" (Hollywood's Ignorant, Racist And Hateful Characterizations Of Jamaicans). It is illegal to use people's lives and images for projects. Each person has image rights under the law (right of publicity). There is something very wrong with Hollywood to be doing these things. It is lazy, uncreative and sick. It is also very offensive and violating.