Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Erin Andrews Settles Hotel Peeping Tom Lawsuit With Marriott Hotels

Erin Andrews in court recounting the terrible ordeal
A settlement has been reached in the lawsuit filed by sports analyst, Erin Andrews, filed against the Marriott Hotel, after poor security led to a stalker invading her privacy. Stalker, Michael Barrett, was able to obtain Andrews' suite number from a Marriott Hotel staff member and booked a room right next to it. This enabled him to watch her movements and hack off the hotel room peephole, placing his mobile phone camera up to it and film her naked in the suite, while she was getting ready to make television appearances. Barrett caused Andrews tremendous emotional and mental trauma by uploading the secretly made video from the peephole, to the internet, where millions watched Andrews naked in her hotel room, without her permission.

Michael Barrett
The Marriott Hotel has settled with Andrews for an undisclosed sum of money, after jurors threw the book at them for their poor security practices. Jurors informed the media they were very dismayed by the case and want greater assurances their privacy will be protected in places such as hotels. Contrary to what a handful of crazy people like to think, particularly in Hollywood, the world is not headed in the direction that it is permissible or appropriate to spy on people in their homes, hotels and public toilets, to satisfy someone's sick sexual urges, in behavior psychiatrists denounce as the mentally ill sexual disorder known as voyeurism. It is depravity of the highest order associated with sexual predators and pedophiles.