Tuesday, April 26, 2016

British And American Journalists Call President Obama A ‘Hypocrite’ For Meddling In Brexit

U.S. President Barack Obama

Journalists in Britain and America are slamming U.S. President, Barack Obama, labeling him a hypocrite, for going to London, England and interfering in Brexit. Britain is contemplating leaving the European Union (EU), a move endorsed by the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, but opposed by the prime minister, David Cameron. This potential departure is known as Brexit. 

Obama imperialistically began meddling in the issue, prompting over two dozen British lawmakers in Parliament to sign a petition demanding he stay out of it. The British public has not taken kindly to Obama’s meddling either, as a host of comments reflecting their displeasure at him wading into the issue and telling people what to do, has been posted on numerous websites’ feedback sections. 

Obama then flew to London last week and publicly claimed it is up to the British voters to make the decision on whether to stay in the European Unopm. Then, for over 25-minutes rambled on during a press conference as to why Britain must not leave the European Union. Obama also issued threats against Britain regarding delaying a trade deal 10-years if they leave the European Union. Reporters who were present immediately chastised Obama for meddling in Brexit once again. 

U.S. President Barack Obama and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron

Last week Boris Johnson accused Obama of being anti-British, as he is half Kenyan and has been raised by his father, the late Barack Obama Sr., to resent the nation due to the days of colonialism. Some gasped at the suggestion by Johnson, but it’s not exactly a secret. I wrote about it a month ago as well. Some accused Johnson of “dog whistle racism” but I am black and stated the same thing a month ago, as Obama has engaged in actions that are not in the best interests of the British people.

There are books and articles that discuss Obama’s disdain for Britain due to the hatred his anti-colonialism, Kenyan father engrained in him. Obama’s grandfather had been arrested and tortured under British rule in Kenya, for engaging in actions against the ruling government and due to that Obama was trained to hate Britain. 

As mentioned previously on the site, in what was taken from mainstream press reports, when Obama took office in 2009, he was barely able to contain his contempt for Britain, rudely removing the Churchill bust from the White House’s oval office and according to well publicized reports, sending it back, though it was a gift to America from the British people. 

Obama has been trying to make Britain pay for what happened to his grandfather, which is irrational. Modern Britons have nothing to do with it. To want innocent people punished for the sins of one’s ancestors is wrong. 


Obama shamelessly wades into Brexit row and uses WORLD WAR TWO to say UK should STAY in EU

PUBLISHED: 03:00, Fri, Apr 22, 2016 | UPDATED: 17:52, Fri, Apr 22, 2016 - BRAZEN Barack Obama has controversially used the sacrifice of the Allies soldiers during the Second World War as a “breathtaking” tool to argue to remain in the European Union (EU). The US President waded into the heated EU referendum debate on his arrival in Britain last night for a brief visit including talks with David Cameron and a lunch with the Queen. 

The pro-EU supporter faced a stiff backlash from Brexit campaigners who told him to "butt out" of the debate he is quickly making “deeply anti-democratic”. Mr Obama highlighted the special relationship between his country and the UK "forged as we spilled blood together on the battlefield". Barack Obama said the sacrifice of his country’s soldiers during the Second World War meant America has a stake in the referendum debate. 

The emotional appeal invoked the spectre of the battlefield and described how the EU was formed from "the ashes of war to sustain a prosperous peace". Boris Johnson slammed the comments by the US president. He said the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans in the battles to liberate Europe against Nazi Germany showed the strength of the ties between the transatlantic continents. 

Writing in the Telegraph he said: "I will say, with the candour of a friend, that the outcome of your decision is a matter of deep interest to the United States. "The tens of thousands of Americans who rest in Europe's cemeteries are a silent testament to just how intertwined our prosperity and security truly are. And the path you choose now will echo in the prospects of today's generation of Americans as well."


Brexit hypocrite: Remember when Obama accused Netanyahu of meddling in America’s affairs?

Posted at 9:33 am on April 23, 2016 - As President Obama stirs controversy across the Atlantic by threatening Great Britain if the British people vote to divorce themselves from the European Union, it’s instructive to look back at the president’s reaction when a foreign leader came here to America to voice his concerns over one of his policies. Last night the president warned that the UK would be left “at the back of the queue” on trade deals if they went forward with the Brexit initiative slated for a June 23rd referendum. 

The rather undiplomatic threat was met with derision by those in Britian supporting the exit plan: Justice Minister Dominic Raab led an angry backlash against Mr Obama as the Leave campaign tried to shift the emphasis to immigration. He said: “This is really about a lame duck US president about to move off the stage doing an old British friend a favour. I have got no doubt that future US trade negotiators are going to look to other opportunities – I think the British will be first in the queue, not at the back of the queue.”


Hypocrite Obama needs to mind his own business

PUBLISHED: 00:01, Mon, Apr 18, 2016 - Yesterday Chris Grayling hit out at Barack Obama’s support for Britain’s EU membership saying that the US president “doesn’t understand” the nature of our relationship with Brussels. What is certain is that America would never accept the strictures currently placed upon Britain as a condition of our membership. America is a country that jealously guards its own sovereignty. 

Indeed, presidents have in the past refused to sign a number of international treaties because of a real or perceived threat to their nation’s right to govern itself. The idea that Mr Obama would put up with an arrangement that enforced open borders with Mexico, gave a court in Canada jurisdiction over the US and allowed foreign bureaucrats to override American laws is absurd.