Sunday, April 3, 2016

Barack Obama Curses And Slams British Prime Minister David Cameron As 'Distracted' But He Is The Biggest Distraction Of All

Barack Obama
The Judiciary Report has broken a number of time-stamped stories that later proved 100% true and correct, among them are exclusives on the Obama Administration such as:

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Here's another exclusive. U.S. President, Barack Obama, has slammed British Prime Minister, David Cameron as “distracted” on Libya, claiming he turned it into a “s**t show” in what is profane speech, not befitting any head of state. Bear in mind, Britain is America’s top ally. Yet, Obama thinks this disgraceful public characterization is appropriate. Obama must be smoking and sniffing something...again. 

Maybe if Obama and his psychopathic FBI and CIA, with his knowledge and consent, would stop sending the British government shocking, deranged, demented requests, asking them to spy on and harm the interests and well being of select Britons and international citizens living in Britain, Cameron wouldn't be "distracted" as you put it. 

The Obama Administration’s strange, vindictive, vengeful vendettas against his outspoken critics is quite appalling and a gross and egregious abuse of his position as President of the United States. This criminal misconduct from Obama and his Administration is also a serious abuse of the special relationship the U.S. and U.K. governments have long shared. 

Obama’s seething hatred for Britain, stemming from his militant father, Barack Obama Sr, who resented the United Kingdom’s presence in his native Kenya, is the source of this unrelenting madness (parents need to be careful of what they teach their offspring, as hatred can go a far way and end up harming innocent people, when your hateful spawn decides to act out in hatred as Obama has been doing, in what is poor parenting on his father's part). 

Obama and his father resent Britain for colonizing Kenya, yet, Obama is hypocritically and autocratically trying to maintain an illegal and abusive presence in Britain at the British people’s expense and that of the U.S. government’s name in the world, to target his perceived enemies in the United Kingdom. Lawsuits have been filed against Obama in America regarding his deranged "enemies list" of people he is unconstitutionally and illegally targeting in America and the world, in acts of criminal mischief from the White House.

David Cameron (center)
Obama has been harassing and haranguing the British government (and select other world governments) into doing his criminal bidding regarding abusing innocent people he deems enemies for the things they have publicly said and or written about him on television, in newspapers and online. When Obama does not get his way regarding foreign politicians who are appalled and do not wish to break the law perversely targeting innocent people, he maliciously issues threats against them, via the State Department, to expose private failings the FBI, CIA and NSA discovered via illegal spying, such as extramarital affairs or other embarrassing secrets.

In the case of third world countries America gives financial aid, Obama has threatened to cut off all financial aid if foreign politicians in said territories of the world do not break the law as he asks them to, demanding assistance in committing egregious human rights abuses against innocent people. This criminal misconduct is extraordinarily arrogant and wicked on the president's part, as it is U.S. taxpayer money, not his personal funds as he couldn't afford it, regularly given to help the poor and suffering in the third world.

If Obama still does not get his way after issuing numerous threats, he simply runs roughshod over other world governments in illegally sending the FBI and CIA to their nations to engage in criminal activity against innocent people, who publicly criticize or lawfully oppose him on television, in print or online. This is a criminal misuse of U.S. taxpayer money at the hands of a vindictive, malicious president. These lawbreaking FBI and CIA agents are given lavish spending accounts as compensation for going into foreign nations and criminally breaking the law.

Obama’s abusive conduct in the international community in this regard is no secret to a number of world governments and select citizens. People are talking about it. Obama is deluding himself to think it will remain secret, as he has engaged in egregious misconduct that harmed innocent people, both young and old in Britain and other nations, with this appalling behavior. Anyone engaging in acts that endangered and or harmed the young and elderly is truly evil. It is abominable, disgusting and despicable. In another sick twist, many of the people being targeted by Obama, his FBI and CIA, are foreign women, which is very misogynistic and evil. This is not conduct worthy of praise.

New FBI Director James Comey, U.S. President Barack Obama and former FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller
Obama and his FBI and CIA have threaten people in foreign nations to fire folks from their jobs. He has sent the FBI and CIA to attack their families. They have threatened people in foreign nations over the medical treatment of their children if Obama doesn't get his unlawful way regarding human rights abuses against their parents or their parent's relatives he is targeting like a madman. He has demanded world governments get abusive with his outspoken critics in a manner the citizens of said foreign nations would openly condemn. He is selfish, cruel, mean-spirited and arrogant to make such sick requests of foreign governments, placing them in jeopardy with their own constituents. 

Obama has engaged in this criminal activity in America and narcissistically expects foreign governments to follow him in this madness. American politicians, Dr. Ben Carson referred to Obama as "a psychopath" and Dr. Alan Keyes referred to him as “abusive“ and they are both right. His behavior is very alarming and indicates a serious underlying problem.

Rational people will see Obama’s conduct for what it is - criminal - as he has no legal mandate to operate in these foreign nations he is intrusively demanding unlawful conduct from, ordering them to abuse innocent people he deems enemies. However, brainwashed sycophants clinging to his post as the first black President of the United States will try to reason it away. And time will show them they were wrong. 

At the end of the day, no matter what color you are, you should not be sending vile requests to foreign nations asking them to harm innocent people in their domain to satisfy your narcissistic, vengeful urges and evil streak. It does not serve the greater good. It causes division in the world. It is also an embarrassment to the United States government. 

CIA Director John Brennan

As a Jamaican whose nation was apart of the slave trade conducted by Britain, we have tried to move forward from past hurts in an effort to maintain a good relationship with Britain. Many Jamaicans visit Britain and vice versa, in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood. If we can do this after slavery, how is it Obama, a supposedly civil man of Kenyan extraction, can’t do so. 

Obama's first act as President of the United States was to rudely remove a Churchill bust from the Oval Office in the White House and send it back to Britain, a nation that had sent it as a gift to America, not Obama, who took it upon himself to do this. Let that sink in. Obama's first act in office was to spit in the British people's face. It was ill-mannered and very low brow. I expect more from an educated man whose mother tried to teach him right from wrong in lessons that clearly didn't stick. Obama’s recent comments about the British government and Cameron shows he is still seething in that hatred his father sowed to his detriment. 

Once again, why is Obama sending the British government (and other world governments) harmful, divisive requests that if the contents ever went public, the U.S. Congress would do one of two things from sheer public shame, outcry, humiliation and embarrassment - indict or institutionalize him (and they do know about Obama's behavior in this regard, but as it is secret, they've negligently allowed it). The American people don’t deserve such piss poor representation in the world. Stop trying to settle your ancestral scores and narcissistic vendettas over your bad press at the expense of the American government's name in the world. Show some decorum and integrity.


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Relations between Cameron and Obama have been strained since the President criticized the Prime Minister for getting 'distracted' during the crisis in Libya and turning it into a 's**t show'. There was more than metaphorical distance between the pair at today's summit, with Cameron only able to glare at Obama from across the podium as he was elbowed out to the edge of the stage...

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May 8, 2015, 9:31 AM - In a new CNBC interview published Friday, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson explained why he thought the president acts like a "psychopath." Carson, a retired neurosurgeon and conservative author, pointed to what he called President Barack Obama's comfort in lying to the public. He cited the unemployment rate as an example of this. 

"I said he reminds you of a psychopath, because they tend to be extremely smooth, charming people who can tell a lie to your face with complete — it looks like sincerity, even though they know it's a lie," Carson told CNBC's John Harwood. "I think he knows full well that the unemployment rate is not 5.5%. He knows that."...

Carson, repeating an argument he has previously made, said Obama's administration was willing to manipulate the unemployment number to paint a more positive portrait of the economy. "He knows that people who are not well informed will swallow it hook, line, and sinker — even though they are sitting there in the city and can't find a job," Carson said.