Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stripper Turned Judge Found Dead In Nevada

Diana Hampton
Diana Hampton, a former stripper turned judge, was found dead in her Nevada home. Hampton, a former district attorney, was the first female judge elected in the city of Henderson, Nevada. The mother of two was a stripper for a year in her twenties and used the funds to go to law school, obtaining a degree. Hampton heard many domestic violence cases in her court, during her tenure as judge.

Diana Hampton's townhome in Nevada
An investigation is being conducted into the mother of two's death. She was 50-years-old, which is young to die. It is great that Hampton was able to turn her life around, as being a stripper is an emotionally and mentally degrading job that harms women's psyches. Here’s hoping there was no foul play in this case and it was a naturally occurring, medically related passing, as there are conspiracy theories online that state otherwise, which would be sad if true.

Side Bar: People who wish to go to university should be given government grants to do so, as it is educating the populace. The government spends all this money on fruitless wars, when intelligent people like Hampton want to go to school but can't afford it.