Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Shantel Jackson In Need Of Cash Puts Items On Sale On eBay That Boxer Floyd Mayweather Gave Her And He Finds Three New Girlfriends

Shantel Jackson's Instagram page advertising her eBay sale

Reality star, Shantel Jackson, is having financial trouble. She has placed items on eBay for sale, such as designer purses and shoes, totaling approximately $27,000. However, the items are valued at far more. Jackson is desperate for cash. The 30-year-old was dumped by the world’s richest boxer, 39-year-old Floyd Mayweather, for secretly aborting his unborn twins, over not wanting to get fat during pregnancy, then lying to him that he stressed her into a miscarriage. The items Jackson has placed on eBay had been bought with Mayweather’s money.  

This is not the first time Jackson has sold off items she had purchased with Mayweather’s money while they were together. In 2014, Jackson fled Mayweather’s Las Vegas mansion with 3-cars he had purchased for her outright and sold the automobiles at cut rate prices, pocketing the cash and purchasing a less expensive vehicle (albeit a Ferrari). Jackson also sold a $50,000 purse Mayweather purchased of her, slashing $15,000 off the price. When informed of the pawn in Beverly Hills, Mayweather contacted the store and bought the bag back. 

One of the used items Shantel Jackson is selling on eBay

Jackson moved to Los Angeles with the hope of becoming a famous actress. She began going to Los Angeles night clubs frequented by rich and famous men (with no underwear on). Mayweather heard of Jackson’s desperation and showed up at a Los Angeles night club he was told she was visiting. Mayweather brought his side chick, Bad Medina. Jackson looked upset and kept trying to avoid them, though Mayweather kept staring at her. 

Ironically, Mayweather picked up a new girlfriend in London and then another in Miami last week. Both women somewhat resemble Jackson. Mayweather's eyes look sad in many of the photos on Instagram, despite being surrounded by a bevy of beauties, who are only after his money that he gives out in abundance. 


Shantel Jackson is losing her hair from tight ponytails (and likely from extreme stress).

As stated previously in the column, Jackson wants to get back with Mayweather. He had her living in luxury, which she loves. Things are not as financially good as they could be with Jackson's boyfriend, rapper Nelly. He has money, but a number of financial obligations. Nelly has not committed to marrying Jackson, who now wants children and is hinting at it online. Nelly already has two children and is also the guardian of his niece and nephew. He has many expenses, including three homes.

Mayweather admitted in a radio interview that he loves Jackson, but feels betrayed by the secret abortion and lies about a miscarriage she tried to pin on him. Jackson loved Mayweather's money and once he dumped her and took back the $5,000,000 engagement ring, she sued him, just as the Judiciary Report previously stated she would do (Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson Sues The Boxer For Beating Her Confirming What This Site Previously Stated She Would State). However, under the circumstances, Jackson should have given the ring back.

Shantel has been endorsing products on Instagram for small fees. These photos were an endorsement for a diet tea. 

Prior to their break-up, the Judiciary Report warned Jackson was only after Mayweather's money. Two months after the article was published to this site, Mayweather found out Jackson lied to him about the miscarriage that was actually an abortion. The site also stated Jackson would do a tell-all, which she later confirmed she is working on [Shantel Jackson Confirms She Is Going To Do A Tell-All About Boxer Floyd Mayweather Confirming This Site's Previous Claims (Video)]

People online consider Jackson the prettiest of all the women Mayweather has dated. However, her conduct has not been pretty, as mentioned above. What she did to Mayweather regarding the abortion messed him up. It has also caused her emotional trauma. Jackson is very absorbed with her looks. To make matters worse, she struggled to regain her figure after the abortion, where she had gained roughly 30-pounds.

Mayweather and former side chick Bad Medina in Miami after she became sad he picked up a new girlfriend in London, England. 

Jackson's hair has also been falling out. Jackson revealed on Instagram that she has developed a form of alopecia (baldness/hair loss), due to wearing tight ponytails. A few years ago, Mayweather spent over $100,000 on plastic surgery for Jackson (breast implants, butt enhancement surgery, chin reduction, nose job and dental work) but she is now unable to afford the upkeep. Her looks are her entire career and it is struggling regarding work.

The roles have not been pouring in for Jackson, as she is not really an actress. The Judiciary Report also warned this would happen. Jackson is beautiful, but there are many good looking people in Hollywood with years of acting experience, vying for prime roles. Nelly did Jackson a huge favor putting her on his reality show "Nellyville." It gave her a level of fame she did not have before. It did not establish her as an actress, as reality shows do not constitute acting, but it provided Jackson with exposure. Sadly for her, the exposure has not led to acting roles. That’s something one has to work at. One has to dedicate oneself to learning the craft. 


Floyd Mayweather and his new girlfriend Rmarni, whom he met in London, England a few weeks ago

The whole story is sad. I do feel sorry for them over the twins. They need to work on healing from that trauma. Neither one of them look the same since. They both have this sad and wounded look in their eyes since the loss of the babies and their acrimonious split that played out online. I really hope they come to some level of peace regarding the situation.

People should not deceive others into thinking they love them, when they do not, as it is unkind. Conversely, as the Beatles stated in the famous song lyric, "Money can't buy me love." As stated in the column previously, how many of the women Mayweather has lavished homes, cars, jewelry, purses and designer clothes on, would have helped him if he had no money.

Floyd Mayweather with his latest side chick (top) who he met in Miami resembles ex-fiancé, Shantel Jackson (bottom) who is also from Miami. Mayweather also hooked up with a third woman last week, Giselle, who is posting photos of them together on Instagram. It's sexually risky to one's health, as one does not know what each woman does in her private time when you are not around.

Gisselle, Floyd Mayweather and Rmarni

One has to ask oneself certain questions when one has money, regarding which love interest or friends would be there if you had no money. Who helped you because they are genuinely in love with you or just wanted to be your friend/enjoys your company, asking for nothing in return. Those are the people who actually care about you and the ones you should keep in your life.