Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pele Sues Samsung For $30,000,000 Over Using His Image And Likeness Without Permission In Football Ad

Legendary Brazilian footballer, Pele, has filed a $30,000,000 lawsuit against tech giant Samsung for illegally using his image and likeness in a newspaper ad, by employing a look alike. Upon looking at the photo in the ad that ran in the New York Times, you immediately think it is Pele. This is made more apparent by the fact it is a football ad. 


Samsung football ad deceives people into thinking that's football legend Pele and he has endorsed their product
Samsung was in negotiations with Pele to use his image in 2013, but the deal broke down. Pele's lawsuit reveals Samsung, "never obtained the right to use Pele's identity in any manner or format." It is unlawful to use someone's image as a means of misleading the public into thinking they have endorsed your product or event. 


Pele: Soccer legend files $30m lawsuit against Samsung for 'improperly using his image'

The advertisment appeared in the 'New York Times' last year 

Tuesday 29 March 2016 - He was the man who made the beautiful game even more beautiful. Now, the Brazilian soccer legend Pele is suing Samsung, claiming that the electronics firm improperly used his identity. The lawsuit has been filed by the former soccer star’s lawyer, Fred Sperling, and alleges that the firm used a Pele look-alike in an October advertisement for televisions in the New York Times newspaper. 

While the advertisement did not name the 75-year-old, the elderly black man featured in “very closely resembles” Pele, the lawsuit says. The lawsuit says the ad will confuse consumers and hurt the value of his endorsement rights. It seeks $30m in damages, the Associated Press added. Pele has endorsement deals with other companies, including Volkswagen, Subway, Emirates and Procter and Gamble. 

The lawsuit says the ad appeared after Samsung broke off negotiations to use Pele’s image in 2013. Specifically, the lawsuit said the South Korean firm pulled out of negotiations at the last minute “and never obtained the right to use Pele's identity in any manner or in any format”...