Friday, March 25, 2016

Is Space Tourism To The Moon A Good Idea

Moon phases (Photo courtesy of the Time and Date website)

Recently, aeronautics companies have been publicly stating their intentions to specialize in space tourism. They have made statements that they seek to shuttle people to the moon (and Mars) on a regular basis. Respectfully, I am not in favor of this. The moon should not be anyone's stomping grounds. It is one thing to visit the moon for scientific research purposes, in a controlled and considerate manner, that would mitigate any serious harm to the precious resource. However, having it as a high traffic area for non-scientific purposes can turn catastrophic.

Moon's surface

The moon needs to be preserved and kept free of chronic human harassment and pollution. The moon controls the tides. It is important to our earth. Any damage to the moon will negatively impact life on earth for seven billion people. Moon tourism could endanger it and become downright dangerous with far reaching consequences not yet understood.