Friday, March 18, 2016

Chris Brown Hit With Restraining Order From His Stalker

Chris Brown

26-year-old singer, Chris Brown, has a number of stalkers, due to his career in music and looks that has attracted many female admirers online. Stalkers often engage in trespassing, which is illegal. A year ago, stalker Amira Kodcia Ayeb, broke into Brown's home, put on his clothes and spray painted walls and cabinets with items proclaiming herself his wife. Never mind Brown is not married. 

In a move psychiatrists associate with stalkers, Kodcia Ayeb, became jealous of Brown's daughter, Royalty, throwing out the toddler's clothes and playing voodoo items around the baby's crib, which is very disturbing. She also threw out his pets' toys. Psychologists written in a number of medical papers that stalkers often become jealous of their target's girlfriend or spouse, children, parents and pets, as competition for the victim's affection.

Brown's latest stalker, Danielle Patti, engaged in conduct also associated with stalkers, via driving to his home and trespassing. Patti waited for the security gates at Brown's mansion to open, when an authorized person drove out of the property, then she quickly drove in without permission. Patti was arrested for this misconduct. Now Patti is claiming Brown has been harassing her on social networking and threatened to kill her. 

Patti filed paperwork to obtain a restraining order against Brown and it was granted, even though he is a victim of her criminal stalking. Brown has not handled this matter correctly. He is the one that should have a restraining order against Patti. However, by lashing out against her directly on social networking, he has now broken the law. Brown should have let his lawyer Mark Geragos handle the matter.

Experts recommended not communicating with stalkers, as they will deem it validation and encouragement. This means do not engage them online or in person. Some psychologists recommend telling a stalker you want nothing to do with them. However, I've tried this regarding certain individuals stalking me (Kabbalah Center) and found it does not work with those who are schizophrenic and suffering from Erotomania. It's best to avoid them altogether, but make sure there is proper documentation of their criminal behavior, making it easier to pursue legal action for one's own protection. When a stalker is far gone, they only hear what they want to hear, no matter how much you tell them no. 


Chris Brown Is Threatening to Kill Me ... Alleged Trespasser Claims

3/16/2016 5:55 PM PDT - Chris Brown has turned the tables on the woman who was arrested for trespassing at his house -- because now he won't stop threatening her on social media ... according to her, anyway. Danielle Patti filed for a temporary restraining order against Chris, claiming he's repeatedly harassed her on his social media platforms and said he'd like to see her dead. She also says they used to date. 

Patti is the same woman who ... as we reported, was arrested in December when she allegedly drove onto Chris' property and refused to leave. In the docs, filed by Patti herself, she tells it differently ... claiming she was trying to leave, but couldn't because someone parked a car in front of hers. She says Chris called the cops and she was arrested. She claims she was cleared of all charges. The judge granted the restraining order -- meaning Chris must stay 100 yards away from Patti and have no contact with her -- pending a hearing later this month. We're guessing he'll be cool with that.