Saturday, March 5, 2016

Alleged Crime Scene Knife Conveniently Found While The People v. OJ Simpson Movie Airs On Television

Movie Distorts History And Has An Excessive And Embarrassing Amount Of References To The Kardashian Family That Is Out Of Place

People vs. OJ Simpson
Yesterday, police reported that a former officer came forward claiming he found the knife used in 1994 to kill waiter Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown-Simpson, the ex-wife of athlete O.J. Simpson. The knife was reportedly found at the demolition site of Simpson's former Brentwood, California estate that was purchased and knocked down to build a new house. This sounds like a ratings ploy. 

This development is highly suspect, as after years of contamination who knows what is on the knife via DNA or if it had anything to do with the vicious double murders at all. It should be noted, over the years several people have come forward claiming they have found the knife used in the murders. They can't all be right and thus far, none of them have been found to be telling the truth. 

Kris Jenner (previously Kris Kardashian)

The movie is garbage. It is full of lies and inconsistencies. You cannot rewrite history while making a historical film. Revisionists are mentally unsound to do such a thing. For example, the filmmakers questionably wrote in a dramatic scene of prosecutor, Bill Hodgman, collapsing in court from a heart attack, due to Simpson's lawyer Shapiro not disclosing the full list of witnesses. This never happened. A few names had been left of the witness list by Shapiro's office, but Bill Hodgman developed chest pains and was hospitalized during a meeting on the case. Doctors at the hospital later discovered it was stress induced chest pains and not a heart attack.

The film also contains a ridiculous amount of references to the reality TV family, the Kardashians, who were friends with the Simpson. Robert Kardashian Sr., also represented Simpson at trial. It took away from the film's credibility to feature the entire Kardashian family so much in the move. It looked weird, attention seeking and vapid.

People vs. O.J. Simpson movie still of prosecutor Bill Hodgman having a heart attack in court during the trial, which never happened in real life
Other inconsistencies include their portrayal of Simpson's famed attorney, Johnnie Cochran. I met Johnnie Cochran in Atlanta, Georgia years ago while on vacation with my family and friends (years after the Simpson criminal trial). We were having lunch at Diddy's "Justins" restaurant in Buckhead, which is a central suburb of Atlanta. Cochran walked in and though we didn't know him and he didn't have to, he came by our table and spoke to us and asked how we were doing. Cochran was there to shoot a commercial in one of the private dining areas of the restaurant. He was a very nice, polite, humble man. He was down to earth, pleasant and walked with a pep in his step. 

This arrogant, haughty, cocky, sinister, uppity portrayal of him in the "People vs. OJ Simpson" TV movie is grossly inaccurate garbage. They got Cochran and his mannerisms all wrong. Furthermore, the producers of the film have no idea what Simpson stated behind closed doors to his wife, children, colleagues at his office or O.J. Simpson, as those were private conversations. To make up the worst possible lines you as a screenwriter could think of to malign a man for doing his job as an attorney, in defending someone, who under the law, had a right to legal representation, is unethical.


Johnnie Cochran

I will state this though, O.J. Simpson should have been locked up years prior to Brown-Simpson and Goldman's deaths, for domestic violence. There is proof he repeatedly beat his wife in horrible ways. Regarding the murder trial, due to police tampering, the evidence in the Simpson case was doctored and as such rendered discredited. We know this because there was lab crime scene chemical preservatives (anti-coagulant) on items later found in properties, presented as evidence with blood on it.
That means the blood the forensic scientist drew from Simpson for comparison after the murders, which needed preservatives to keep its structural integrity to some degree, was planted after the fact at his home and other locations involving the crime. Blood splatter at a crime scene will not have forensic lab preservatives on it. It is believe racist police officer, Mark Furman, planted blood on items in a bid to make sure Simpson would be convicted, but it ended up doing the exact opposite, freeing Simpson due to tainted evidence (a tape was discovered of Furman using the n-word 41 times). Some cops need to learn to leave the evidence alone. A good lawyer will find the truth in the unvarnished evidence. When you corrupt the evidence in trying to win a case, another good lawyer will discover that as well and destroy your case.

Racist police officer Mark Furhman planted evidence in the O.J. Simpson case and plead the Fifth (Amendment) when asked if he had done so, denying to answer the question to prevent self-incrimination. Furhman later pled guilty to perjury in the O.J. Simpson case after giving false testimony that ruined the case.

My personal opinion on the murders is this, Simpson is a violent man. So is his son from a previous marriage, who was on antipsychotic medications and questioned by police for drawing a knife on a girlfriend and threatening her (prior to the Brown-Simpson and Goldman murders). Simpson had a history of flying into rages and beating Brown-Simpson. Simpson also had a history of jealousy regarding her (which is hypocritical, as he was cheating on her all the time).  

No one deserves to be brutally murdered, especially in the heinous manner Brown-Simpson and Goldman were killed. Brown-Simpson was stabbed in the head and her throat was slit so deeply, she was nearly decapitated. Goldman was stabbed in the head, face, torso and thighs, even after he was already dead and stopped fighting for his life. Whoever did this deserves life in prison. 

O.J. Simpson and ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson

I am of the belief O.J. Simpson did this or knows who committed the murders. It also doesn't look good that rather than face the legal charges, he fled in a Bronco. An innocent man would not do that, opting to clear their name. There is also a significant amount of evidence against Simpson that indicates he killed Brown-Simpson and Goldman.  

I do not agree with the fact Simpson was acquitted of murder, yet a civil case awarded the families of Brown-Simpson and Goldman $33,500,000 in damages. The legal precedent is not a good one. However, believing O.J. Simpson either killed Brown-Simpson and Goldman or knows who did it, I'm NOT sorry for him being hit with massive damages in the civil case. They lost their family members and Simpson has a terrible history of abuse regarding his ex-wife.


Faye Resnick

Faye Resnick, Brown-Simpson's so-called friend, was squarely out of line writing a salacious tell all book about the decedent. What kind of friend blabs all your secrets in a book. Resnick made Brown-Simpson look bad. Resnick told the whole world Brown-Simpson was a cocaine addict, they had a lesbian sexual encounter, Brown-Simpson slept with one of Simpson's best friends (AC Cowlings), Simpson made Brown-Simpson get breast implants, Brown-Simpson performed oral sex on men while they slept, Simpson stretched out his ex-wife's vagina to the point she only slept with men his size or bigger, giving way to all sorts of racial innuendo and exploitative, offensive Mandingo claims about black men in the book, rendering them to mere sex objects. 

Resnick betrayed the trust of many in her circle to write the tell all book, to feed her cocaine habit and lavish lifestyle. Resnick further exploited Brown-Simpson's death to disgraceful degrees, to promote herself on television and in side projects to make more money. It was very selfish and treacherous. She sold out her friend for fame and money, tarnishing her memory. 

Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J. Simpson

In closing, Nicole Brown-Simpson's life became a sad tale of breaking up a man's marriage and then inadvertently ending up with a raging abuser. Nicole began having sex with married 27-year-old Simpson when she was 17 and working for minimum wage at a night club in 1977. Many jurors in the 1995 murder trial characterized Nicole as "a gold digger" as at age 17, due to regularly having sex with Simpson, he got her an apartment and bought her a Porsche. A woman should not accept such gifts from a married man. Then, she successfully broke up his marriage/family of a wife and three kids.

Nicole was determined to get Simpson and began doing her best to break up his marriage of 10-years to Marguerite Simpson (nee Whitley). Nicole would repeatedly drive by his home in the Porsche O.J. bought her to get his wife's attention. Nicole sent his wife a pair of her underwear in the mail. Nicole pushed and pushed until she succeeded in breaking up his marriage in 1979, resulting in his divorce. Nicole then married Simpson in 1985 after years of insisting he leave his wife and marry her. Nicole succeeded in becoming O.J.'s wife and moving into a mansion with him, living the high life.  

Police photos of Nicole Brown-Simpson after she was beaten up by O.J. Simpson on different occasions. One incident resulted in his arrest, where he pled guilty in lieu of a jail sentence

Simpson then turned into a monster on her. Simpson repeatedly beat Nicole in vicious ways (he did not beat his former wife). Unprovoked, O.J. would beat Nicole, throw her in the closet, then an hour later, go back to the closet and beat her more. He would beat her up at hotels and throw her out into the hall way. He also picked her up and threw her against walls in the presence of others, such as her sister and Resnick. He was very verbally abusive calling her fat, worthless and stating she has no skills, while ordering her to get out of his house. He also kept cheating on her with famous and non-famous women. If she dared ask him about it, he would badly beat her. It was a nightmare of a marriage. No one deserves to be treated that way. At the end of the day, O.J. was not the one for Nicole (and vice versa) and pursuing him led to her tragic demise at age 35 (not because it was an interracial couple, as there's nothing wrong with that).     

I see it all the time in the entertainment industry. Women of all races hungry for money and attention feverishly pursuing rich and famous men, even ones who are married to other women. They go to great lengths pushing other women out of the way who are girlfriends, fiancĂ©es and even wives. Then when they get the famous man they aggressively pushed people out of the way to land, they find out it is not all it's cracked up to be when these men become bitter and blame them for their problems. Some end up viciously abused like Nicole. Others end up used for sex like a concubine and dumped when the famous man moves on to the next one. There are women in the industry right now fighting tooth and nail to push other women out of the way, trying to land famous men in relationships that will turn cruel on them. As the phrase goes, "Be careful what you wish for." Some famous men are decent people, but some are not, living debauched lives the average man does not, while hiding behind a fake persona contrived for fans, television, the internet and paid product endorsements. 

Side Bar: In the Aisha v. Madonna lawsuit, among the items contained in my copyrights that were infringed, are outlines to make biopics. Among them are items to make movies about Aaliyah, TLC, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, O.J. Simpson, Idi Amin and Martin Luther King, among others. Then all of a sudden, people affiliated with Madonna's Kabbalah Center cult set off in a mad rush to make the aforementioned biopics and very poorly and filled with lies and sensationalism, might I add. They could have made the biopics long ago, especially right after many of subjects thereof passed away, which is the standard, yet waited many years to do so AFTER I included items about making said biopics in my copyrights that are registered with the Library of Congress, then were repeatedly hacked by hackers hired by Madonna and infringed. Pathetic!