Saturday, March 5, 2016

Madonna Crazily Tries To Have Guy Ritchie Arrested For Child Kidnapping Because Her Son Ran Away And Doesn't Want To Live With Her

Son To Stay In London

Guy Ritchie, his wife Jacqui Ritchie and his son whose mother is Madonna, Rocco Ritchie

This past December, deranged pop singer, Madonna, began using her 15-year-old son, Rocco Ritchie, for publicity, in airing the details of what was a private custody battle. The details should not have been made public, as it is a private family matter. However, washed up Madonna cannot bear the fact her music sales are destroyed due to boycotts for stealing copyrights, resulting in her not having a hit in 15-years. Therefore, she did the unthinkable and used the custody case for publicly. Most celebrities can handle the transition out of the limelight, but Madonna cannot deal with it.  

The crazy, attention seeking pop star expected public sympathy to go in her favor regarding her custody battle with ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, but it failed. Ritchie and Madonna have joint custody of the child, who is well within his right to stay with his dad. Madonna corrupted the court case and mysteriously got New York Supreme Court Justice, Deborah Kaplan, to issue overbearing and unconstitutional instructions that the mentally deranged singer's underage son must spend Christmas with his mother, whom he can't stand and ran away from to live with his dad in London, England. 

People all over the world began asking online and offline, how a judge can force a child to spend Christmas with someone he dislikes. It gave the public a certain impre$$ion that brought the court into disrepute. The 15-year-old boy defied the judge's instructions and did not board the plane from London to New York, refusing to spend Christmas with his violent, abusive mother, who had repeatedly degraded and humiliated him on Instagram and Twitter via inappropriate videos and nasty comments that cause him acute public embarrassment.

Ritchie filed paperwork in a London court, refuting Madonna's crazy claims and demands. The British Court sided with their 15-year-old son and Ritchie, stating the boy will not be forced to board a plane for New York to spend time with his mother. The holidays are a time people prefer to spend with the ones they love. As it stands, Rocco Ritchie prefers his stepmom, Jacqui Ritchie, to his real mother.

A reliable source responsible for some of my site exclusives informed me regarding Madonna and Rocco Ritchie, "Her son hates her." Word in the industry is Madonna's unstable lifestyle, embarrassing publicity stunts, unflattering "mutton trying to pass for lamb" raunchy stage shows and videos, chasing after males and females in their teens and twenties for sexual relationships, coupled with her abusiveness, made the boy flee. It is also being stated Madonna's terrible and embarrassing public conduct has made her son the subject of ridicule and bullying by his peers.

After sharp public criticism against previous judicial instructions, Judge Deborah Kaplan, made a u-turn and scolded Madonna in court this week. Judge Kaplan informed Madonna that her public custody battle is upsetting her son, who wants the matter resolved between both parents. The 15-year-old boy's layer stated the case is "stressful and upsetting" for him and he wants it to end. The British judge had previously issued similar comments. Rocco Ritchie's lawyer made it clear to the court he does not want to live with his mother and would prefer to stay with his dad in London.

Madonna's lawyer Ellen Alter ironically stated, "He thought it was better for Rocco to live with him. He may be right, I don't know. But the proper procedure was to come back to New York and ask for a change in circumstances. He used self-help. He taught his son that obeying court orders was not important and I think that's one of the most serious things that's happened in this case that's detrimental to Rocco." 

Firstly, Madonna's own lawyer stating, "he (Guy Ritchie) thought it was better for Rocco to live with him. He may be right, I don't know" reveals doubt regarding her client's parenting skills (or lack their of). Secondly, Madonna is psychotic, violent and abusive person, who is deeply into the occult and in sick, lawbreaking ways. The boy ran away for a reason. In essence, the court is being asked to force a child to go back to his insane, abusive mother he ran away from to stay with his father and step-mom in an environment better than the one he was in.

Thirdly, Madonna asking the New York court to arrest, Ritchie, a British citizen they have no jurisdiction over, for contempt of court, due to the fact she was so abusive with her son he ran away to live with his dad in another country, is hypocritical. To accuse Ritchie of "kidnapping" and wanting him prosecuted as such, is crazy, as he has joint custody and Madonna has been abusive to the boy. She is the one who should be in prison in the custody case.

Madonna (yuck)

Madonna has irrationally accused Ritchie of turning their son against her. However, any sane person can see she turned her son against her via terrible parenting. Madonna repeatedly made nasty comments about him online, degrading the size of his penis (saying he doesn't have one "no sausage"), calling him the n-word slur for attention in what turned into a nasty scandal that led to blacks and whites slamming her for using the word, coupled with other behind the scenes abusiveness.
Madonna's adopted African son and daughter, also want to live with Ritchie. Madonna is holding them hostage in exchange for Rocco back. Madonna had her lawyer file manipulative court papers to that effect, stating Ritchie is not allowed to have visits with her adopted children if she doesn't get her biological son back, who by all counts, does not want to live with her. Rocco Ritchie has been enrolled in school in London, prompting Judge Kaplan in New York to accept the boy's decision, stating she is pleased he is in school. Ritchie attorney also alluded to the fact he could include damning documents in the case, but does not want to distress his son. Ritchie has a lot of dirt on his ex-wife, enough to put her in prison for life. 

As the scripture states, "You reap what you sow." It's ironic that Madonna has lost her son these past months, as she stole someone else's child. Madonna was slammed a decade ago over an illegal adoption, where she insanely and illegally ripped a little African boy away from his devastated, crying family in Malawi (they did interviews protesting the adoption). The world began booing and slamming Madonna as a "baby snatcher" and "baby thief." It brought the weathered pop tart to tears on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Her plan to leech off the massive worldwide publicity and applause Angelina Jolie received for privately adopting an African child had backfired on Madonna, provoking public hatred against the faux singer.

Reports online indicated Madonna bribed a judge and government official in Malawi, demanding she wanted to adopt the boy, whose family did not want to give him up. Madonna also lied and told the boy's village she would build them new homes. Instead the satanic Hollywood star bulldozed an entire village for their land and did not build the poor and destitute villagers new homes. Then, it was revealed Madonna solicited over $40,000,000 in charity donations for Malawi, but did not give them money. Madonna and the cult she runs, the Kabbalah Center, also illegally claimed the land in Malawi after the demolition job. The nasty pop star was even seen grinning her dentures at the cameras as she left Malawi, while waving around a bottle of hand sanitizer, scorning the poor Africans as unclean.

As stated in the column previously, Madonna should not have custody over any child, as the New York Post reported she was sued a decade ago for beating up, choking and slamming against a brick wall, an 11-year-old boy, Keith Sorrentino, who "pestered her for an autograph on her day off." Madonna settled the case for $600,000. Ironically, I received an email from someone stating they are Keith Sorrentino.