Thursday, January 28, 2016

What Years Of Hard Living Has Done To Kylie Jenner's Face

Kylie Jenner

Years of plastic surgery, cocaine, underage drinking, underage sex (including threesomes with men and women) and wild partying has taken their toll on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" reality star, Kylie Jenner. The once fresh faced teen, now looks like she is already well into her 40s and she's only 18-years-old. Considering she has no discernable talent, her looks are all she has and in a vain industry quick to replace people.

A recent photo reveals just how much the teen has aged overnight. She's done too much hard living in her short years and it is showing on her in a massive way. This is after all the same girl, who at age 12, was shown provocatively dancing on a stripper pole for television ratings, in Hollywood, a town known for pedophilia. This was not acceptable television programming. Neither was allowing a 15-year-old to get into a sexual relationship with a 23-year-old, rapper Tyga, when the laws of the State of California forbid it.