Thursday, January 28, 2016

Orlando Scandrick Makes Peace With Pregnant Reality Star Girlfriend Draya For Her Birthday

Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele

Dallas Cowboys football player, Orlando Scandrick, was photographed accompanying pregnant reality star, Draya Michele, out to dinner last week for her birthday. Scandrick initially expressed his doubts that he is the father of Draya's unborn baby and the two began publicly arguing on social networking, trading barbs. This was not good for Draya in her delicate state.


As mentioned on the site last week, Draya needs to not become stressed and distressed during pregnancy or engage in strenuous exercise as she has been doing, as revealed by photos and messages on her social networking pages. Pregnant women need stress free environments, light exercise, proper nutrition and regular medical check-ups to monitor the progress of the pregnancy. It appears that Draya and Scandrick have made peace. Endeavor to keep it that way for the sake of the baby. At the end of the day, life is too short to be arguing and fighting. Forgive each other. Keep the peace.