Monday, January 4, 2016

Rihanna Having Sex With Many Producers And The Latest Lashes Out At Her Online

Rihanna and Glass John

Here we go again! A few months ago cocaine snorting alcoholic singer, Rihanna, was having sex with producer, Travis Scott, in exchange for songs for her failed, stalled R7 album that she has renamed "Anti" with a tentative release date that keeps being changed (knowing what she behaves like behind the scenes, Anti is short for Anti-Christ).

Scott was not even Rihanna's type, as she dislikes dark skinned men with African features, preferring light skinned men with curly hair like Chris Brown or white men. However, as her career is in trouble, she will have sex with any popular producer of the moment, willing to give her what she thinks will be a hit song.

Rihanna (center) with Justin Timberlake (left), who she had sex with for a song collaboration and Travis Scott (right) who she has been having sex with, as her career is in the toilet with three flopped music singles in a row.

Another producer working on Rihanna's forever delayed new album is Glass John. He went on social networking blasting her, angry that she is having sex with other men. Rihanna and her fellow Roc Nation singer, Rita Ora, are prostitutes who have had sex with dozens of music and film industry people, both men and women, for songs, movie roles and promotional spots in various outlets.

These women have engaged in very degrading sex acts, whoring themselves out to men they do not love for money and fame (and subsequently STDs). Roc Nation's unprofessional, thieving, adulterous owner, Jay Z, also pimps out Rihanna and Rita Ora to professional athletes as inducements to get them to sign with his incompetent, ignorant, copyright stealing company that has no understanding of sports management or athlete talent scouting.

Rihanna and Travis Scott

The inducements have failed many times. Rihanna and Rita Ora are getting sexually used up, with athletes joking about it behind their backs in the sports industry, labeling them dumb enough to do what Jay Z tells them regarding sex and they not sign with Roc Nation anyway.