Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kanye West Misinterprets Wiz Khalifa's Tweet And Gets Bashed By Ex-Girlfriend Amber Rose Over His Sexual Preferences

Kanye West: see what had happened was...

We've all been guilty of misreading an item on the internet at some point or another and sometimes what you thought you read as opposed to what is actually written can be quite funny. However, sometimes it goes terribly wrong. Case in point, rapper Kanye West. Rival rapper, Wiz Khalifa, 28, who is a complete and total pothead, tweeted on "Hit this kk and become yourself." Apparently "kk" is a slang term for weed (marijuana). Nobody told Kanye this and he flew off the handle.

Wiz Khalifa: I wasn't even talking to this negro (*puff puff*)

Kanye fired off a series of insulting tweet to Wiz Khalifa's account, because he thought "kk" meant his wife's initials (reality star Kim Kardashian). Defining Kardashian's honor (LOL does she have any) Kanye slammed Khalifa, the rapper's ex-wife Amber Rose, who used to date Kanye and his rival and former girlfriend's son, Sebastian, nickname "Bash." Who told Kanye to do that. Rose taught Kanye a lesson for bringing up her little cub and proceeded to bash the rapper for bashing little Bash.

Kim Kardashian: how did I get mentioned in this
Rose, a former stripper, conveniently reminded Kanye in a tweet that he loved to have her stick her fingers in his rear end. It's a sex act done to stimulate the prostate (don't look at me like that, I had to look up that crap, pardon the pun). So now, he's basically Kanye Kardashian (yea, I said it).

Amber Rose: Bye Kanye!

After being thoroughly humiliated by Rose, Kanye deleted all his tweets, logged off from the internet and probably tossed his laptop in the garbage and assumed the fetal position while shedding a tear over the cyber mauling he just took (getting in that position is what got you in trouble in the first place why Amber could tweet out your personal business).

Wiz Khalifa tweeted this:

Then Kanye went into a rage thinking KK means Kim Kardashian:

Then Wiz Khalifa tweeted this, which prompted Kanye to delete his angry tweets:

And then Amber Rose tweeted this as the nail in Kanye's internet coffin:

Side Bar: during Kanye's rant, he stated he is the greatest artist to ever do music, which had me thinking he is clearly on drugs. Just because Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Bob Marley have died, doesn't make you the greatest anything. Female singers such as Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand and Patti Page have also accomplished far more in music that you will not touch in your lifetime. In rap, Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. have done more musically than you as well. I'm tired of modern recording artists making these erroneous, grandiose claims of greatness and superiority, not backed up by anything other than their inflated egos.