Thursday, January 28, 2016

Congress Needs To Intervene In Flint, Michigan With An Emergency Clean Water Bill

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

The U.S. Government is once again showing the nation and the world it does not care about black people. The largely African-American city of Flint, Michigan, home to 55,000 residents, has been has been subjected to lead poisoning in drinking and bathing water. Many people have died and others sickened by the lead poisoning.

The citizens of Flint have complained about the brown colored, toxic water for years and nothing has been done about. The  governor of the state, Rick Snyder, has pledge to fix the problem, but is refusing to fix the corroded, lead contaminated pipes, despite a state surplus of $1.2 billion dollars.

Flint, Michigan  
Congress should have immediately approved emergency funds through a bill to address the problem, then take the money back from the State of Michigan's surplus. It is a serious crisis that will impact the resident of Flint who have been exposed to the contaminants for years to come. The cancer rates will soar in Flint. Neurological disorders will also become more prominent in the area. 

When you buy a home, if it is discovered the property had lead paint, a specialist team, who are dressed in hazmat gear, will come out to the residence, carefully prep it and gingerly remove all the lead paint, careful not to drop any of it in surrounding areas, then package it all for proper disposal. They don't even allow themselves to be exposed to it. Now think about the fact the residents of Flint have been drinking and bathing in these terrible toxins for 2-years. It is a real human crisis that needs to be swiftly addressed and those responsible held to account in a court of law.