Friday, January 29, 2016

Samsung Buys 1,000,000 Copies Of Rihanna’s Flopped Album ‘Anti’ But Billboard Won’t Count It Nor Will It Make Her Money


Rihanna’s career has suffered three musical flops in a row. Fearful her “Anti” album would meet the same fate, it was leaked by Tidal and a deal was struck with electronics company Samsung to buy 1,000,000 copies for $1 each and give them to her fans for free. However, several problems have arisen from the deal.

Billboard charts is refusing to count the Samsung bought copies as sold, because as some are pointing out online it is cheating, as Rihanna did not sell said copies. The label Rihanna records for has lost a significant amount of money, as the album cost well above $1,000,000 to make. Coupled with its music videos and additional costs, that’s a good $3,000,000 in debt. Then there are other fees such as taxes, publishing rights and management fees.

The album also contains several infringing songs and videos as well that will cost her and the label serious domestic and international legal fees. In short, the album is hemorrhaging money. To sum it all up, an album, had they done it right and lawfully, not stealing from people and being subjected to a boycott, took three years to make and is costing everyone money, when it could have made $30,000,000. The entire project is still very much in red. Not to mention, the reviews are horrible and justly so.