Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rihanna So Afraid Of A Fourth Flop Gives Away Subpar 'Anti' Album For Free In Leak By Jay Z's Failed Tidal Music Streaming


After three flopped singles ("Four, Five Seconds" "Bi**h Better Have My Money" and "American Oxygen") music model, Rihanna, gave away frequently delayed album "Anti" for free via her mentor Jay Z's flopped music streaming site Tidal, realizing she was headed for a massive chart and sales flop. The public has gone off Rihanna, who has made a fraudulent living off of copyright infringement and criminal copyright infringement. The infringing song "Bi**h Better Have My Money" exposed to the public once and for all that all the copyright infringement cases against her are for a reason.

Rihanna has been passed around Hollywood more than the marijuana joints laced with cocaine that she so frequently smokes. The album "Anti" is a hodge podge mess of producers she was having sex with behind the scenes for songs she thought would be hits, but it has been one flop after another. Millions of dollars have been spent by the record label on producers, songwriters, studio time, engineers, music video directors and music videos, only for them to make the decision to give it away for free, as the infringing album would likely flop and cement her fallen star status to the world. 

Rihanna and Chris Brown in 2009

It says something that even after the Chris Brown domestic violence case, where her ex-boyfriend was arrested and hit with 5-years probation, after she began screaming at and hitting him over another woman causing him to snap and beat her (neither of them should have been hitting each other and this site does not agree with domestic violence) Brown has gone on to outsell and outshine her in the music industry, despite the massive restrictions that have been placed on his career.

Rihanna is nasty to her fans on social networking and in public, having hit a few of them in acts of violence. Rihanna has been very rude and unprofessional to the people at her label, clearly not realizing the industry works in cycles, meaning here today, gone tomorrow. Rihanna has damaged the marriages and relationships of a number of music and movie executives, as well as entertainers and athletes, via her  prostitute like promiscuity for career favors. Yet due to all the label sponsored hype, somehow believes she is Whitney Houston, when she can't even sing. Rihanna has ripped off and stepped on so many people for her career that has now faded. Her entire career is a fraud. Humility, honesty and decency are beautiful traits. She would do well to learn them.