Thursday, December 10, 2015

Did Michael Jackson's Drug Use Help To Destroy His Nose

Michael Jackson

In the charging indictment against Conrad Murray, the doctor of the late pop star, Michael Jackson, the physician was accused and convicted of supplying  powerful narcotics to a drug addict. The reference regarding drug addict meant Jackson. For years Jackson was improperly described large quantities of controlled narcotics, well exceeding the manufacturers recommendations. Hillbilly heroin was also found in Jackson's bathroom when he died.

Jackson famously had a number of rhinoplasty procedures (nose jobs) to reduce the size of his nose. However, after a while his nose rapidly fell apart to the point he had to wear masks or when his face was uncovered, band aid strips across the bridge of his nose, to conceal the damage. It is a well known fact some drug addicts snort drugs like cocaine. However, some drug addicts also  crush powerful pharmaceutical drugs, such as the ones Jackson was prescribed and snort them as well. Is this what happened to Jackson's nose.

I've never seen rhinoplasty go so wrong, as it did with Jackson. However, I have seen cases of celebrities who've snorted drugs repeatedly over the years and it resulting in them losing a part of their nose. Could the effects of excessive plastic surgery and drug use have destroyed Jackson's nose.