Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Defiant Donald Trump Stands By His Call To Ban Muslims From America (Video)

U.S. presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has defiantly stood by his demand that all Muslims be barred from entering America for safety reasons, in the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attack. Trump stated in reference to the backlash, "I don't care." There exists historical precedent that would legally allow Trump to do such a thing, if he were in a governmental position to do so.

No other politician in the Democrat or Republican party running for office in the U.S. Presidential election agrees with Trumps extreme, severe statements on banning all Muslims from America. However, since making the comment, Trump has shot up in the New Hampshire presidential polls, doubling his lead. He is playing on the fears of the public for publicity and it has created a poll surge. Trump has also made very disparaging remarks about Mexicans, blacks, the disabled and veterans. He keeps adding more and more groups to his hate list.

I am a black, female, Christian heterosexual, who subscribes to the ways of democracy and conservatism. I don't hate and discriminate against others. I am non-violent. I don't own a gun, never have, as I don't want one. I am against racism, police brutality and domestic violence. I believe in traditional values and human rights for everyone. Therefore, I am very saddened at the tone some in society have adopted and are publicly espousing. It's downright depressing to see all this hatred and malice on television and in the news. Trump and a few others have taken things to a terrible low.

Donald Trump

People need to keep the peace and not do anything irrational or illegal. Today, I read about someone placing a severed pig's head outside a mosque in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I also read about a Muslim man, who is a migrant trying to enter Germany, biting a female police officer and grabbing her gun after yelling, "allah hu akbar." Both stories, in addition to others I have read, reveals some non-Muslims and some Muslims are attacking each other, which is regrettable. It all needs to stop.

Today I also read about State Assemblywoman Michele Fiore stating in a radio interview, "He's like, 'the Syrian refugees.' I'm like, what, are you kidding me? I'm about to fly to Paris and shoot'em in the head myself! I mean, I am not OK with Syrian refugees. I am not OK with terrorists. I'm OK with putting them down (killing). Blacken them out. Just put a piece of brass in their ocular cavity and end their miserable life. I'm good with that."

Fiore's statements encourages violence against all Syrian refugees, when all of them are not terrorists. ISIS is exploiting the migrant crisis to send terrorists in among the Syrian refugees, but to make such a blanket statement about shooting them all in the head is wrong. Some Syrian refugees are children. Fiore tried to back track on her statements from the radio interview, but people had already heard it.

Poll posted by CNN

Last week I read an article about immigrant hating Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio, calling on 250,000 armed Americans to take the fight to the streets against terrorists and mass shootings in America. To a mentally disturbed mind that can be a call to terrible violence against people who have not broken the law, but will be illegally profiled by vigilantes. I thought his statements were highly irresponsible.

Jihad, which is based in Islamic extremism, is a serious problem that must be tackled by world governments. However, in the proper manner and not through citizens becoming vigilantes.
Things are escalating and no good can come from that. The world doesn't need more violence. The world needs peace and understanding. I am of the belief society is moving in the wrong direction and people need to calm down. You should not let hatred and fear consume you. Just because someone does something wrong, does not mean you should do the same as well. Hate is toxic to the health and soul. 


Fiore Says She Does Not Want to Shoot Refugees

She had previously said in an interview that she wanted to kill Syrian refugees.

December 8, 2015 - State As­semb­ly­wo­man Michele Fiore (R) “said Monday that while she does not want Syr­i­an refugees in the United States, she is not go­ing to shoot them.”

Fiore had pre­vi­ously said in a ra­dio in­ter­view: “He’s like, ‘the Syr­i­an refugees.’ I’m like, what, are you kid­ding me? I’m about to fly to Par­is and shoot ‘em in the head my­self! I mean, I am not OK with Syr­i­an refugees. I am not OK with ter­ror­ists. I’m OK with put­ting them down. Black­en them
out. Just put a piece of brass in their ocu­lar cav­ity and end their miser­able life. I’m good with that.”

Des­pite walk­ing back her state­ment, Fiore ad­ded, “If I say something I own it and I go for it. I double down, I don’t back down.” (Las Ve­gas Re­view-Journ­al)

Trump gains ground in New Hampshire

So another Trump controversy and round of condemnation, followed by a new poll showing how the strategy appears to be paying off. This time it is a CNN/WMUR poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey, which shows him extending his lead among likely primary voters in the state.

Some 32% of respondents say they support Trump (up 6 points since September), with Rubio a distant second place with 14% (up 5 points). That 18-point lead is almost double the 10-point lead Trump held in September over businesswoman Carly Fiorina...

Woman Police Officer Sustains ‘Massive’ Injury, Bitten By ‘Rampaging’, Gun-Grab Migrant Screaming ‘Allah Hu Akbar’

7 Dec 2015 - German police were forced to pepper-spray a fare dodging Islamist on Sunday after he reacted badly to having his ticket checked, attacking officers, trying to snatch a police handgun and screaming “Allah hu Akbar”. The 23-year-old Moroccan ‘asylum seeker’ spoke no German and savagely attacked police on Sunday in Osnabrück station, hospitalising two and injured a third.
A railway employee decided to call in police on this occasion as after attempting to check the migrant’s ticket, the man began to act “strangely”, reports

Events took a turn for the violent as police arrived, and the man immediately flew into a fury. Attacking a female police officer, the man kicked and bit while screaming in Arabic the Islamist war-cry “Allah hu Akbar” and crying out the name of the Islamic State.

In the end it took three federal police officers to pepper spray and cuff the man. The female police officer was left with a “massive” knee injury and another officer was treated at hospital for a broken rib and bites on his forearm. Both are now off duty to recover from their wounds.

Despite being kept in hand-cuffs, the man even tried to “repeatedly” grab the service pistol of a police officer, reports Once at the Osnabrück police station the man continued to give trouble by spitting at officers. Despite the man crying out the name of the Islamic State in Arabic and shouting that ‘god is great” as he attacked, a search of the individual of his arrest found no evidence to suggest he was directly affiliated to the Islamic State itself... 

Severed pig’s head thrown at Philadelphia mosque door

December 8 at 2:36 PM - Authorities are investigating an incident at a Philadelphia mosque after early-morning prayers Monday were disrupted by the discovery of a severed pig’s head on the mosque’s doorsteps. A spokesman for the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society said surveillance cameras captured video of a red pickup truck that drove by the building twice Sunday night; during its second pass, an item was seen thrown out of the vehicle’s window and landing at the door of the mosque.

Philadelphia police told The Washington Post that the object was thrown from the passenger side of the truck, and that the vehicle’s occupants are not visible in the video footage. A worker opening the mosque — which is in the same building as an Islamic school and the Arab American Development Corp. — found the pig’s head around 6 a.m. Monday...